How To Dispose Asphalt Roof Shingles And Install Shingles


With the passing time, everything ages. Same is the case with construction materials and buildings. With the passing time the home ages and this means aging of all the parts, from which the building is made on the whole. The most sensitive part of a house which is also susceptible to aging, wear and tear is the roof. As the roofing starts aging, it also gives the owners signal to replace it immediately. When the old worn out shingles of the roof are removed, one has to think of a better way of disposing them off which is also environmentally safe. Some suggestions regarding the safe and proper disposal of the roof shingles are as follows:

Recycling The shingles

Recycling is the most suitable and safer option for the roofing shingles and this act is also environment friendly. Presently, the trend of recycling the asphalt shingles is increasing day by day. On the other hand if the option of land filling the shingles is considered, then it takes much longer time for the shingles to decompose, about 5400 years. Therefore it is not a suitable option. If the option of recycling is considered, it can be far beneficial because the chemical composition of asphalt is such that other materials can be created from it. Hence, it is suggested to recycle the asphalt shingles for their proper disposal.

The major usage of asphalt is in the hot mix where it is mixed with cement and improves its binding qualities. Apart from that the recycled shingles are also used in the road paving projects. In this regard there are centers for asphalt shingles recycling and they can provide one with better ideas to accomplish this task.

Donate The Shingle If Not Required

If you are sure that you do not need the shingles removed from the old and worn out roof, you can give them away and donate to certain organizations as they can make a better usage of these shingles. This is much better option than dumping the shingles anywhere and contributing in environmental pollution.

Another option is to give away these shingles to certain low income families who really need the shingles for the roofing of their own houses. This can be done in case if the roof are not in a very bad condition and can be installed again on the roof.

Throw Away The Junk Shingles

Sometimes the shingles are in such condition that it becomes impossible to recycle or donating them. Since certain guidelines and directions of the recycling plant must be fulfilled in order to recycle the shingles hence, if the shingles do not meet these guidelines, then the only option left is to dump them away. If the waste is of large amount, then it is better to hire a dumpster which will take away the whole junk. However this service is not for free as there are certain charges for shingles disposal. Therefore it is better to first find out all the important requisites to accomplish the task.

Another factor involved in the disposal of shingles is the composition of asphalt. If there is some percentage of harmful substances like asbestos in the shingles, then these should be dumped with precautions. There are waste control authorities which handle the stuff containing asbestos. Therefore one should contact them in case of detection of asbestos in the asphalt shingles. If by any chance you live in Trenton and wants a transition between shingles then you could contact roofing contractors in Trenton MI for professional advice.

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Your roof may be falling in or it is going to open up beneath you. The big effects of roof problems require repair where many times only professional can diagnose and repair broken shingles. For many people, the cost of repair man is more than their budget and it is the reason people need to know DIY roof tips with safety instruction which are useful at the time you get the ladder of the roof out. With using common household materials, you can fix the roof problems in innovative and easy ways. Here are a number of simple ways which you can use for solving the issue.

Assess Roof Leak:

A small hole in the roof flashing or torn shingle can lead to overhead leaks. It is the situation where you must call a roofer repair so he can fix the cause of water leakages as the damage can spread very quickly. Check whether there are a number of leaks wicking crossways framing portions or along the walls. If the repair you made using tools is not holding then getting the service of a professional is recommended as the damages can reach to the surface of the roof. The roof made of ceramic tile would be out your abilities to repair.

Replace Shingle Bar:

The quick fix is required with the technique of compromised shingle. You have to follow steps for repairing it so first it is important to have all the required materials. First, prepare roof cement and buy a suitable piece of aluminum flashing. Now, measure the flashing and cut it 1 inch narrow and 4 inches longer for making it extendable on either side of the roof. Loose the damaged bar of the roof with the pry bar and apply cement beneath the shingle. Apply more cement on top of the flashing by slipping the flashing towards the bottom. Pressing the tab down will be the last step of connecting shingle bar.

Perform Shingle Switch:

The wooden shingles can split easily and there is need of replacing them on the exactly correct side. It requires a wick fix damaged shingles for which you have to take a chisel and a hammer for splitting it into many small prices and pull the, put off the roof’s pillars. Take out the old shingle by the blade of hacksaw under and above cutting the nails. Match and trim a new shingle for sliding it in place. Now tap the shingle to 1 inch of the last location. Driving two shingle nails, tap the new shingle in right place and pull the heads of the nail in the right direction of shingle.

Look Out For Chimney Seep:

The chimney masonry can keep on cracking because of many reasons. Hail storm and water coming out from inside and outside of the chimney can result from a lot of damage to it. You can install stainless and good galvanized copper rain cap which can be easily available in building-supply outlets. The rain cap is used for keeping the volume of water out of the chimney in a protective way which keeps the chimney and shingle safe.

Stay Safe and Sound:

With a quick fix, you can avoid the freefall of your roof. It is very important to stay careful while working on the roof as it could be dangerous overtaking. Do not take quick way to down side as it could cause an accident. If you are above the roof then reduce the possibility of slipping by wearing good shoes and do not put more loads on the broken roof. Use a high-quality extension ladder for reaching your roof and avoid working in icy conditions. But if by any chance you are facing trouble while repairing shingles then you really need to contact professional Roofing contractors Plymouth Michigan for assistance.

Installing Shingles Sidings

It takes comparatively a longer time to install the cedar shingles as compared to any other kind of siding. Even then it gives a unique and different look to the overall wall and exterior of your building. There are certain per-requisites of the shingles and among these the most important one is that these should be installed only on the sheathing consisting of boards and plywood or OSB. The importance of the installation of shingle is that these are meant to provide an extra layer of coverage to the siding and to the wall as well. If a triple coverage is meant for the shingle installation, then three layers should be installed on the wall over the sheathing base. In order to achieve the triple layer protection of the shingles, it is important to install the shingles in such a way that there is an exposure of less than one third of the length of the shingle on the wall. For example if the total length of your shingle is 16 inches, then only 5 inch portion of the shingle is exposed to the open.

Important points to consider while installing shingles:

While installing the shingles you can start with the installation of the outside corner first. This can be made from the 1X board and then the shingles are attached from the back side up to the portion of trim. However as compared to the trim portion of shingles, the woven corner is considered better and even more attractive. However it is difficult to achieve the construction of the woven corner. That is why it is usually a routine to follow the pattern of trim corners of shingles installation. In fact the corners are time on the inner side before beginning the procedure of shingling. Another very important point which one must consider is regarding the swelling of shingles. As the shingles have the feature of swelling to slight extent, it is strongly recommended to leave the gap of about 1/8 inches between the shingles. However before drying out completely there will be a slight shrink noticed in the shingles and their swelling procedure will start after that. In these cases it is not necessary to leave the gap. Even then it is important to consult the supplier about the specifications of the shingles.

Checklist before installation shingles installation:

It is first of all important to prepare the list of all the materials and tools you will need in accomplishment of this project because it will make the work easier for you. First of all you have to make an estimate of time. With one helper you should be able to complete the shingle installation on the area of 400 square feet. Second important category which should be on your check list is of the tools. Make sure you have all the necessary tools which are required in the procedure of shingle installation. These tools include hammer, circular saw, measuring tape, staple gun, chalk line, block plane, level, pry bar, caulking gun, ladder or scaffolding, utility knife and other such important tools which you will need in the procedure of shingles installation. If you have an expertise over the basic skills of carpentry then you can easily complete the project of shingles installation. Secondly before starting the task of shingles installation on the wall, you have to cover the building by means of a sheathing wrap. After that it is necessary to install the trim boards and flashing's. The important materials for installation of the shingles are trims of cedar wood, wood shingles, nails of stainless steel or galvanized nails, caulk, sealer and primer, staples and trim of the cedar wood. With all the above mentioned per-requisites, it can be said with clarity and surety that the shingle installation procedure can be very easy and handy but if you still need assistance then you can always call Siding contractors in Michigan for help.

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