Tips and Products for Cleaning Hardwood Floors


Hardwood floors are installed in order to give the interior a beautiful, elegant and durable look. Therefore when it comes to hardwood flooring, one must be very conscious about the cleanliness of hardwood flooring. It is not difficult to clean hardwood floors if the cleaning is done on regular basis. However, according to some home owners their experience with cleaning the hardwood floors is quite tough and difficult. There are some stubborn stains which are not cleaned properly and leave a mark. Some stains even do not fade away on these floors. That is why there are special tips and devices to help the home owners cleaning the hardwood floors.

Some of the useful tips that can be really helpful in cleaning the hardwood floors are as follows:

Regular vacuuming of the floor

Although the vacuuming activity is carried out in all the homes on regular basis but in case of having the hardwood flooring the home owners are advised to vacuum their floor more than regular. The basic reason behind this fact is that there is very fine dust which sets on the hardwood floor and can damage the structure if it is left unattended for a long time.

It is usually suggested that hardwood floor should cleaned by means of the vacuum cleaner almost every week. Even if you feel you have not achieved the cleanliness you wants, you can vacuum it twice a week. One thing must be kept in mind that if beater bar is attached with the vacuum cleaner, it can damage the polish and finishing of the floor. Therefore it must be removed and only brushes must be attached with the cleaner.

If you think that vacuum cleaner is not doing the job you wanted then you can also use a dust mop or microfiber sweeper.

Protecting the floor from hair spray and furniture polish

Both these agents are responsible for clouding of the polish of floor. Therefore the finishing of floor is damaged badly. If any of these agents’ falls on floor you should wipe the floor immediately with the damp cloth. If a thorough cleanup is required then you can also go for window cleaner which is ammonia free. Even then the first thing is to avoid contact of any such materials with the hardwood floor because it can be damaging for the overall polishing, finishing and structure of the floor.

Keep the contact of water away from floor

Water is not only damaging for the overall finishing of the floor but it also causes internal damage. Water has the ability of seeping in the hardwood floor and can also leave stains on the surface of floor. Therefore you have to be very careful and should not allow rain water to come in contact with the floor. Preferably block all those places from where the rain water can enter inside and can ruin the flooring. For example keep the windows closed during the rain and also place trays under the indoor potted plants so that water seepage form the pot do not ruin the floor structure.

Do not let the residue stand on floor

The best way to remove the residue on floor is to clean it with the help of a floor cleaner which is wax free. You must get to it very quickly as soon as there is any fall on the floor. Any spill or dirt accumulated on the floor for a longer time can be really damaging for the floor and can leave a stain which cannot be removed.

Use of doormats and rugs

By the help of doormats, you can minimize the dust accumulation on the floor. It is advised to use extra-long door mats so that maximum dust coming inside can be avoided.

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