10 Ways to Protect Your Windows in Winter


Winters are very harsh in some parts of the world. It is not only harsh on humans and animals but also on their possessions like the cars, houses and especially the windows of houses. If the windows are not properly insulated, you may also have to spend a lot on the insulation and heating of interiors. According to careful estimates about 25 to 30 percent of the heat produced in interiors is lost through the windows. Therefore proper maintenance and care of the windows is essential so that extra heat loss is prevented. Below are some important tips regarding protection and maintenance of windows especially during winter season.

The most important thing is to look for in the windows is the presence of drafts. The drafty windows are really expensive in the terms that they cause a lot of heat loss during winters. Complete removal of drafts can only be ensured by replacing your window. Other certain measures that can increase the life of your window are as follows:

1. Weather Stripping:

This is the measure adopted for drafty windows. First of all it is important to check for the spots in windows which are leaky. You can check this by moving the lit candle along the trip especially on a windy day. You can seal these spots by means of the weather strips.

2. Caulking on the window:

Caulking is the most commonly used way of protecting windows in winter. However this is not a durable solution as it can cause cracks after some time. Even then it is a good way of protection from cold air. For this purpose, a fresh caulk or rope caulk can be used in the window to fill the gaps.

3. Insulate the window with plastic film:

Applying the plastic insulation or insulating the window panes by means of a double sided tape is another way of protecting the windows. Once the tape is applied, it is sealed by means of the heat of hair dryer. This is an inexpensive yet effective way of protecting as well as insulating the windows.

4. Applying the draft stoppers:

Draft stoppers are applied on the window drafts and these can be helpful in preventing the cold air from entering inside as well as in protecting the window.

5. Foam application:

Foam is usually applied on those windows which are not used for the purpose of letting light in. Otherwise it is not an applicable remedy.

6. Rubber sealing:

There is a specific kind of self-stick rubber available in the form of strips. You can apply these strips on the window after cutting them in proper sizes. Rubber can be a good insulator to cold wind.

7. Installation of storm windows:

If you are living in area which encounters storm then you should preferably install the storm windows before the onset of cold weather. In addition to this you should also install the additional protective shield in order to save from chilly weather.

8. Installation of cellular shades in the shape of honeycomb:

Honeycomb cellular shades are available not only in unique shape but are also remarkable in preventing the cold air from getting inside. In addition to this these shades are also good for protection of windows.

9. Installation of layered curtains:

Installing layered curtains also has double benefits. This cannot only protect the inside from harsh winters outside but also guarantees the protection of windows to some extent.

10. Installing solid barriers:

Some people also prefer to install the solid barriers above the rail of curtains so that the windows can be protected additionally and winter insulation is also achieved.

If your windows are damaged and beyond repair then you may need replacement windows in Trenton Michigan.

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