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This award winning home is a perfect blend of old & new, built in the historic Depot Zone of Telluride.

Tommy Hein explains the historic & architectural importance of the area as well as the innovative concepts that went into the Depot House.

The railway track literally ran just in front of the house, probably all the way up to the 20s. This particular zone had industrial warehouse, water tower and gave a very industrial feel, which inspired them for the designing of this project.

A forced perspective was created by constructing a wall on the west side that actually canes inwards, so that the stairs on the top are narrow which leads to the master and widest at the base. Which actually expands the space further and gives a historic feel.

There are tons of light and the proportion of the dining are very comfortable. Additionally the open concept has provided the kitchen extra space.

Even in the shower, the wall is canted so one could get the beautiful view of the tallest peak.

The master bed's roof grabs the attention as it creates an image that of an industrial loft type space. The bar wood that captures the attention is seen both inside as well as outside the house.

The exterior design is a combination of both steel plate and vintage bar wood. The porch is constructed with steel and floats above the entry. Also the stone steps that guides one up and extends through out the foyer grabs lot of attraction.

The designing done on this project is not just about reinvention, it's more about the evolution. Not only does it capture the essence of Telluride, but also brings new ideas that are shaping the future architectural style of Colorado.

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