House Tour of Graystone Canyon in Steamboat Springs, Co Designed by Rumor Design


The homeowners wanted to surround themselves with the memories of the past and celebrate the traditions and inspirations of their family identity! Therefore, the home designer Rumor Design, focused more on creating a living museum in this very special project at Graystone Canyon in Steamboat Springs, CO.

This project provided the designers with an unique opportunity to work through so many aspects of interior design at once, including interior remodeling, furniture design, procurement of artwork, upholstery, custom bedding, window treatments, rugs, and much more.

In this remarkable project, the designers took care to artfully blend personal collections with additional pieces. The designers even worked with a local artist to add some larger geodes that eventually became a sculptural base component, which both complimented and showcased the homeowner’s original collection.

Since the homeowners liked to entertain, they preferred to have this spacious area to accommodate a larger dining area, with views of the canyon. Additionally, the idea of reinventing the spaces by incorporating fabrics with the right texture and color, blended in well with the looks from room to room, that too without overpowering the art.

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