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A must read for those peeps whose daily routine consists of a list of home design reads, browsing through blogs on beautifying a space and definitely a few pages related to the same on the bookmark bar!

Since you love spending time on finding up ways to beautify your abode and keep the inspiration level high, here's a list of ideas on from the designers, DIY experts! The designs that could knock anyones eyes out has been collected and pinned down here to convert any ordinary space into something extra ordinary.

The Jewel Tones - Say Yes To Dramatic Colors

Trends keep on changing season to season hence, it is vital to start freshening up the dull dab corners of the home, with the addition of some colors. And this time with some dramatic colors like the "jewel tones".

Yes, it's time to say goodbye to the grays, the airy whites and the beiges. And bring in the deep jewel colors such as the emerald green, pastel colors, ruby which will bring in the dramatic look that would exhibit a sophisticated tone to the home.

The Nailhead Trims Furniture Detailing - Concentrate On The Details

Nailheads which was once tried to be kept hidden is being used by the designers to create patterns or provide borders, to any piece of furniture or accessories.

This classic accent piece, nailheads trim is not just being used on the upholstered furniture but also on storage chests, light fixtures, headboards and so on that reflects a timeless value.

The Matte Finish Paint With Saturated Hues

Tone down the look of the space with the usage of matte finish on both the furniture and appliances, as the involvement of deep colors along with the glossy material makes any room look way too loud.

2017 trend is all about creating a bold look without being in your face! The addition of matte finish will just balance the design as well as will let the form of the furniture accents stand out as more layered look.
This design is contribution of Nandina Home and Design.

The Brass And The Bronze - The Metallic Look

Without the addition of bronze, copper and rose gold in the form of decorative accents like vases, lamps, decorative elements, chandeliers to the jewel toned corners, the space will look incomplete. As the metal not just warms up any space, but it also exhibits a very rich, classic, super polished look!
This design is contribution of Nandina Home and Design.

Cork Floors or Panels - Repurpose Material

Repurpose material is a come back, trendy and affordable. Such as Cork, it can be used as an attractive floors or wall panel therefore, don't just limit its usage as message boards. It is a stylish material that adds warmth and texture, creates a more pleasant space and natural noise absorber in the large open plan homes. Image by

The Warmth In Terracotta

This year the warm material, terracotta tiles will replace the popular cool and white tones! The terracotta tiles with the matte finish, rather than the too rustic one would be in trend. It will add character as well as warmth to the interiors and will be one of the key trends for 2017, as this trend is making it easier to even renovate a space with a smaller budget.

The Deep Dark Green

The new must-have dark interior color is the deep dark shades of green. This color if used as a wall background or if featured on a armchair adds depth and brings the tropical natural feel from the outdoors. Additionally, it creates a wintery cool backdrop for brass lamps, tan leathers, reindeer furs, and natural linen.

Woven Baskets

The tribal inspired woven baskets are making a come back! Whether as a planter or a stylish storage solution, woven baskets are making way to be a popular and trendy decor piece and will be on top in 2017 for any home. They are definitely aesthetically pleasing and are also practically allowing one to de-clutter any space in a very budget friendly way!

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The Nook

A demand for small corners or nook will be trending this season. With a lot of addition of hi tech gadgets in the previous years and the increase in the amount of time spent on work, homeowners are craving for space to unwind themselves.

The desire to move away from distractions for calmness and tranquility, have made the designers to focus more on designing the small nooks.

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