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When it comes to a kid's room decor, it can be a tough task yet an intriguing project as it is definitely not just about the application of various colors in interiors or toys! If you think more deeply you will realize as day passes by, the needs and desires of your child also evolve. But transmuting the kids room design frequently is not a pretty economical conception. Hence, design in such a way, that by a few assemble or dismantle of objects, you can engender a fresh new look.

Here are a few kids room ideas, that will suit kids of age till 12. As teenagers zone is completely different, set these ideas only for your toddlers.

Space For A New Born - Baby Room Ideas & Baby Furniture

While designing a room for a new born baby, bring the softness in the interiors too.
* Use colors like pale yellow, soft pink, pale blue for the walls.
* Buy cribs in light shades.
* Keep the space simple and smooth.
* Avoid using kids bedroom furniture like cribs with sharp edges.
* Moreover, the lighting should be neither too bright nor too dim.
* Adorn the kids bedroom sets by stuffing the shelves with soft stuffed toys and also by placing rugs in softer tones.

As room is designed in a simple manner with plane colored soft walls, more attention will be grasped by the crib, toy shelves and the rug. Additionally, use curtains in shades of white to integrate freshness. Even the kids bedroom closet must match the color combination of the whole space. Moreover, it is recommended to get adjustable shelves in the closet, as it can be easily re-positioned as per requirement.

Kids Bedroom - For Around 2-5 Years Old

* Once the kids grow old enough, you may use the crib as a storage space for toys.
* Make sure that the electrical points are not at low height in kids rooms.
* Remove rugs.
* If you have a small corner, place something interesting like a tent, or you may even create one of your own.
* Provide the corners with, low height soft seating and interesting throw pillows.
* Use bed sheets in attractive colors.

The furniture's should be colorful, and more attention must be given to the height of the objects. As kids should be able to reach his or her stuffs with ease and feel comfortable. Make sure to take all the necessary precautions, to turn that small corner into your kids dream world.

Kids Room Decor - For Around 5-8 years old

* Add wallpaper of animals, dolls, flowers and for the boys, you can have his super hero!
* Get bed sheets with similar patterns. And blend curtain fabrics of both plane and such patterns together to bring in the cuteness.
* Give importance to the placement of both books and toys. Hang extra toys on hooks, in this way you can add depth to your kids room that too without spending over constructing a shelf!
* Use the box type seating and desk. And get it painted in an attractive manner.

Kids Room Ideas - For Kids Around 9-12 Age Group

* Using of bunk beds is a smart option.
* It's a known fact that, as the kids grow they need more of storage spaces. Hence, creating separate spaces for their each and every need is a vital part of the design. Therefore, the boxes that were used as seating can be given a twist, by getting it installed on the walls and used as a shelf.
* Also add spark to the design by displaying their artistic side. Additionally, you may use photographs in sequence to show their journey from newborn to infancy and ahead by creating a collage of your favorite shots.

A Few Quick Tips

Here are a few quick tips for the parents to start with the kids room project right away.
* Consider the gender of the child.
* Pay attention to color combinations, especially if the room is going to be used by kids of two opposite gender.
* Consider the age factor as it would help in determining design theme, the kids would choose.
* Window treatment - A must do for an instant pop up of design.
* Plan by keeping the future in mind.
* Incorporate the hobby zone.

Simple Ways To Add A Dash Of Color

* Add colorful curtains.
* Use bedroom wall stickers or wall decals.
* Get the furniture painted with vibrant color.
* Add colorful storage baskets in the room.
* Paint the back side of the open shelves.
* Add alphabets and numerics within the design.
* Add a vibrant painting.
* Get the door painted for an instant attractive look.
* Get the headboards covered with colorful fabrics.

By implementing all these ideas, you don't have to knock down walls for more space or change the color of the room each year. Just start designing with soft colors and keep on adding the fun elements to bring in a fresh new look each time you plan for a quick renovation!

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