Gorgeous Craftsman Style Home - Durham, NC


A spectacular charming “empty nester” home that has a very spacious flow, which entertains well as well as also provides cozy living with its warm sophistication.

The home has lots of craftsman features like the low-pitched, front or side gabled roofs, dormer windows, multiple roof planes and has use of lots of wood with a very earthy mix and stone pillars. The design portrays an overall very heavy and masculine aura with a big entrance door.

The homeowner loves to entertain and host cool parties and the house has always been open to friends and family.

Though they are pretty laid back but are very outgoing and it is not unusual for the family to hold a party for 100 people!

The pool was laid down in the woods. Which was designed in two layers, with the hot tub elevated and part of the seating area

The porch has been designed in an artistic way with importance given to functionality as well. The prominent design with stairs to the walkway and the porch exhibits tremendous presence that introduces a blend of both traditional and modern styles.

A plan perfect for the homeowners to welcome guests in style, and provide them a sneak preview of what will greet them when they enter the space!

The living room has pitcher window that looks right out through the house on to the pool.The craftsman design concept involves rich wood trims, antiques, elegant furniture and natural colors which resembles more like the cottage-like design.

The hardwood floors, gaint elegant furniture and accessories like the area rugs, table lamps, arts and accessories add intimacy to the space while it also defines the different areas of the house. The fireplaces here creates the focal point and brings in the depth and warm wood element into the interiors.

The eight seater dining table with upholstered dining chairs matches well with the floral rug placed right underneath the dining set. Additionally, the chandelier, the pair of table lamp, the art piece framed on the wall altogether gives the dining space a warm feel

The kitchen with an open design concept as well as with an easy access to the dining area is perfect for homeowners who love to entertain!

The kitchen has been designed in such a way that it captures the high ceiling and have been provided with great lighting.

Because the owner of this home has always been entertaining families and friends, the living, dining and the kitchen has been connected well, so that people don't have to bunch up in the kitchen to converse and can scatter around with ease.

The bedroom opens to backyard with a great view that connects one to the nature. Also, the bedroom was designed in a very simple manner, since the homeowner wanted something comfortable.

The bathroom has a free standing bath tub. The addition of neutral shades -- such as crisp white and serene cream has created an illusion of openness and displays a bathroom that looks clean, calm, and collected at the same time.

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