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When it comes to painting, one would find various topics like techniques or ways to paint, tools available for painting and so on. Also products like the drop cloths, sheeting, sealant, cleaning supplies, tape and masking, plays an equally important role, to carry out the painting process with ease.

Similarly, Zoose has come up with even a few more add on products that will make paint life simpler! The Zoose paint products develop high quality, innovative painting products which are washable and reusable, that saves money, provides protection and reduces the wear and tear on the body, hence, perfect for homeowners, professionals, artists and anyone who is involved in painting!

The Zoose Paint Can Coaster

Time to drop down the drop cloths, newspapers or cardboard! With the availability of the "Zoose" Paint Can Coaster, one could protect the surfaces from paint spills as well as the built-in drip rim catches and any stray drops of paint with ease.

It is basically a high quality product, designed to simplify ease out one's painting project.

Benefits Of Using The Zoose Paint Can Coaster

Accidental spilling or tripping over paint can is something that could be messy. With the usage of the paint can coaster one could reduce the chances of tipping the paint can over.

It definitely saves money since, it is washable and resuable.
It protects the floor and countertop surfaces by catching the drips and spills.
One could avoid the use of multiple products like the drop cloths, newspaper, cardboards or plastics.

Paint can slide across your floors, hence, less wear and tear on the body which helps to paint faster and with no worries

It is durable and easy to use and fits both metal and plastic cans.

The Zoose Paint Can Lid

Say no to paint can opener or screwdriver and stop wasting the energy on opening the sticky or dried out rusted paint can lids. Replace the paint can lids with the "Zoose" Paint Can Lid as It protects the paint even when it is being stored away for future touch ups.

Additionally, one could easily see the paint color even without opening the lid, through the top of the can. As these lids are made of high quality transparent plastic.

Benefits Of Using The Zoose Paint Can Lid

These lids are air tight, hence, will help in saving money by keeping the already opened oil and latex paints, stains and sealants fresh and reusable for any future projects as it will keeps the content of the can from drying and leaking out.

It fits both metal and plastic cans and also fits all gallon and quart sized cans. The transparent see through lid allows one to easily see the color of the paint and the amount of paint left in the can, even without opening.

The Zoose Paint Can Lids are designed to be reused, hence are washable. One can clean up these lids instantly with soap and water.

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