Advanced Electronic Bidets For Hi-Tech Homes


BEIR is being a leading bidet manufacturer for the past 15 years in Korea. The electric bidet seats are a daily necessity. Which people can use at home, work, and public places – a far superior hygiene solution than toilet paper, a far more comfortable experience than a traditional toilet seat. The purpose is to make it easy for people to experience a better lifestyle.

This brand is advanced in electronic bidets which is designed specifically for the North America and has manufactured for global brands such as Samsung. In 2016 BEIR has launched in the U.S. market to bring the best of the product experience directly to consumers, with tailored design and features specific to the North American market.

Benefits Of Using An Advanced Electronic Bidet

A must have addition to the hi-tech bathrooms! As the sleek and clean look gives an instant feel of superior cleanliness.

Even the soft closing feature designed with special hinges on the seat, allows the lid to open and close smoothly, which prevents slamming!

Using a bidet will save money on the toilet paper purchases and even reduce the household waste, as there will be less packaging to dispose of toilet paper.

It is an environmentally friendly choice as well. As the bidet can greatly reduce the use of toilet paper and this can be very beneficial to the environment.

Bidets are good for the skin as dry toilet paper can be very rough on the skin, which can lead to irritations that can be a cause of serious infections. Bidet seat is the most comfortable way to clean as the gentle water flow will be a soothing one and improves hygiene.

The side panel puts complete control of the smart toilet seat at one's fingertips! It is easy to use, with multiple options like the 1-push auto mode, or customizing the whole thing!

The customize features consist of: Temperature control of the water, seat, air and the dryer.
Controls the water pressure (includes 5 settings) - the nozzle positions, spray mode (feminine, posterior, turbo, or oscillate).

Avoids the clog issues in the bathroom! Since, toilet paper can clog up the plumbing without any warning and is one of the most undesirable things that can happen in the bathroom, switching over to the use of bidet is a good idea. Not only does it save the usage of toilet paper, but it can also reduce the risk of an unsightly, overflowing toilet!

Additionally, with the inbuilt safety sensor that tells the toilet seat, that one is properly positioned or not prevents the accidental usages and other dangers of electrical appliances. Additionally, usage of bidet is good for children who are just learning how to use a toilet and do not have to worry about wiping incorrectly. Also, disabled and elders will have an easy way to clean themselves.

Why Beir Bidets?

The Beir bidets have the self-cleaning, stainless steel wand. The wand has been crafted out of a solid piece of high-grade stainless steel which naturally resists bacteria. An advanced self-cleaning system mechanically cleans the wand before and after each use.

Beir bidet has the patented heating system. In which the water tank inside the toilet seat heats and stores water for cleaning. The patented design automatically drains and refreshes the water at regular intervals to ensure hygiene.

Bacteria resistant and easy cleaning The body and seat is made with durable and bacteria resistant materials. A quick release design lets one take off the entire toilet seat for cleaning with 1 click.

Easy To Install: Installing BEIR doesn't require any extra space or plumbing and is as easy as removing and replacing the existing toilet seat!

Beir Is compatible with most toilets The flexible design of Beir allows wide compatibility with a broad range of toilet sizes and shapes.

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