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This luxury garden home in Sugar Land, Texas designed by the Sims Luxury Builders team has been artfully created which exhibits a clean and modern look, which undoubtedly showers warmth and an inviting vibe at the same time.

Building this home was really inspiring for the team as the attention to detail that was required to perfectly execute all of the unique modern features here, really got the professionals creative juices flowing even for the upcoming projects as well!

The main entrance door opens to a grand curved staircase, built with a combination of glass and steel. This brings in instant elegance, as it is a clean and a sleek option that creates a sense of sophistication and style. The use of glass here has helped in making the entire space feel much larger and more open, that the elegance of the entire staircase really shines through.

The beautiful long chandeliers enables the space to have light with style! It has filled the stairwell with elegance and has beautified the overall living room by adding a dash of charming touch with a luxurious look.

The home in combination of gray and white exhibits a minimalist design concept, yet showers warmth with the addition of earthy tones and textures that connects to the nature.

The textured wall panels, the wood log, the sofa in earthy tone as well as the simple art in warm colors has been successfully able to comfortably, conveniently and aesthetically achieve the minimal yet a theme with warmth, which is one of the hardest to design.

This design concept all about living with the less! With an open design plan, it takes skill, a whole lot of discipline, restraint to create a beautiful, functional home. As minimalist design is all about taking away the layers!

The gate incorporates the stainless steel helps to create a sense of privacy by separating it from the public realm. The gate can also be a way to mirror the finishes and materials used in the home’s exteriors as well as the interior.

From unique stone-faced interior walls to ceilings made up of multiple floating planes in the living room and master suite, the features of this home take on a beautiful sculptural quality.

The extraordinary stairhall alone illustrates the commitment of Sims Luxury Builders to uncompromising quality. The glass and stainless steel staircase was custom-designed and fabricated; the unique pinwheel ceiling soffits overhead required intricate framing and drywall; each lighting pendant was individually spotted, wired, and installed. All of this consistent, attention-to-detail in the space of a single stairhall.

The home exterior is a combination of geometric volumes, shapes and lines that make this home stand out with their outstanding designs.

This luxury garden home in Sugar Land is well maintained and the home exhibits a fresh feel and adds to its aesthetic appeal. The garden architects has worked closely in each step to ensure the homeowners every need is met.

The stylish and simple entrance door creates a distinct, artistic effect with clean lines that makes a great fit for this home with a modern design.

Both the front and the back courtyards help blend the indoors and out, and almost every interior room opens to the outside.

However, what sets a home exterior design apart from the rest are not just its lines and style, the materials involved in the construction, the lighting as well as the landscape design even do play a major role in setting up a perfect home exterior.

This contemporary styled home with a dynamic mix of pale textures, low-pitched roofs and large expanses of windows here provides a strong connection to nature and the surrounding landscape.

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