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The Residence at Kerry Park in Seattle, Washington owned by Ken Woolcott has the quintessential view of downtown Seattle, that’s mostly found on postcards. And fortunately this client could wake up to that every morning!

The remarkable, powerful and romantic mural.

The exterior view of the residence is dynamic. It is the poise of the city that one could feel, while looking at the exterior view of this residence.

The size of the front door is monolithic. Obviously it is built to be framed into the space, but when a guest comes, especially a female guest, their attention naturally is grasped by a mural on the corner. Which can be affectionately called the ‘’Love Shack’’. The mural is an art piece of romantic lovers portrait with female in semi nude attracts guests and visitors to sit or take picture in this cozy nook.

It is an area where one could slip in and sit with someone, and maybe have a glass of champagne or just have a quiet chat during a party. Hence, the mural in this room needed to be remarkable powerful and romantic!

This art is a wonderful piece, which is shot from the original painting and cropped to be scaled for the whole room. Since, the client didn't want a bar, it was obvious that it was going to be a nice, special nook to have a special private conversation.

During conversations with the homeowner, the designer had noticed the client always wearing different wrist watches and he was fascinated by them. The designer grabbed this idea and created sketches of big wrist watches and bands for the ceiling, to hide the mechanical heating and cooling system.

This fabulous element above, leads one straight to the large disk at the ceiling, it's whimsical, beautiful and done with a finish that is specatcular!

This residence has the zone room heating and cooling systems installed. They are quiet not ductless and have a lot of mechanical working, that is not buried up in the ceiling like in typical homes. One can cool one room and heat another. And in its highest form the system will share resources, for instance, the heat from the warm room can be taken out of the warm room and brought into the cool room.

If one just sits and look at the structure both from outside and within, carefully, it will tell what can be done with it!

The designer is very creative, his knowledge regarding the appearance, materials, shapes, styles is phenomenal.

The house is very curvilinear, it is very Deco in its structure. By viewing the structure and shapes of the existing building, painter and interior designer Michael Sofie suggested that the flow of the exterior evoked 'Art Deco' as a primary theme.

Art Deco style came in 1925. Most great houses were not necessarily built during the Deco period, hence were remodeled later.

The house has massive columns, they have both wood columns and plaster columns. Those columns support the temperature at the ceiling so it gives a purpose to the column.

Beautiful antique mirror between the columns comes down and lands on the beautiful stone mantel, that is framed with marble underneath, that surrounds the fireplace.

The designers had traveled to San Franciso, New York, to shop for vintage pieces. The iron table at the deco collection is from San Francisco and the vintage lamps are remarkably sexy and timeless!

It's about another era, it's about the 30s and the 40s! It is about living the lifestyle that was tasteful, and manners meant something when entertaining in a great style.

Every piece here has the reason to be there. The detailed design along with the artistic side has given this residence an overall splendid look.

When one walks into the foyer and spin to the right to see the dining, without question what captures one's attention is the mark stock's painting.

The curvy kitchen slab with a globe, that can be moved in any direction.

The globe allows one to talk about anything. Striking travel stories around the kitchen counter is definitely an interesting idea to keep the guests engaged!

The breakfast nook in the kitchen.

The kitchen cabinets in brown.

The giant circular disks that resemble wrist watches and bands on the ceiling, gives the room a very luxurious, elegant feel.

If a guest comes to this home, undoubtedly the first thing they would notice is the magnificent size, the ambience, the coloration of the home.

When working with Art Deco it is extremely important to use the best materials and the best craftsmen to properly realize the design.

The fireplace that is framed with marble has been designed with massive columns on both sides and with the beautiful antique mirror between the columns. And it comes down and lands on the beautiful stone mantel.

The Art Deco style is characterized by rich colors, giant geometry, and detailed designing work.

The living room exhibits the aesthetics and evokes glamour and luxury with symmetrical designs in rich shapes.

The painting shows a butler in love with the woman of the house and the butler is essentially invisible. The question that arises when one sits at the dining table and contemplate the painting is, is it better to taste the love and never had it or never taste it at all! A great conversation starter, for any party in the house.

The plan was to give the client a very period fireplace, a very unique space and then move into house with the deco influence .

The Globe is the focal point of the kitchen.

Around the globe, the main decor element is the metal machined beautiful nickel plated material that comes into a singular shape and expresses itself as the neck tie.

Art Deco as the primary theme, sets the stage for a dramatic exercise spanning several design periods.

And to the left of the dining space is the painting of two lovers at lunch.

The master bath cabinets have been designed by a company based in Vancouver, Canada

The home office is an important corner of the residence for this client, as it is a functional part of his day.

A unique artifact apt for the home office.

The desk is a mahogany desk, a vintage piece from San Francisco.

The master bedroom with king size bed.

The headboard of the bed directly faces the exterior. The whole of the downtown Seattle is visible from here!

The idea of this master bath was obvious to be surrounded by serenity.

The water from the ceiling spins in a circular motion and comes down to hit the curves of the bathtub. Which avoids the splashing of water.

The water fills the tub automatically and has temperature control. One could sit and relax by watching the TV.

Since, the sink was purchased by the client, the designer has tried to surround the sink with designs that actually blends in well with the sink.

The polished nickel rib at the bottom of the sink has been carried forward across the cabinets on both the sides, for a splendid look.

The wood chosen here is the crotch mahogany in a rich brown shade.

The vintage copper fabric has been used in the home office for the draperies and the sheers.

The canopy neatly tucks the ducts inside and conceals the heating and air conditioning system.

The concept of the canopy was to humanize the size of the room. The shades of blues, off-whites and brown fabric here, exhibits a very masculine touch.

Exterior view of the residence.

Front view of the Residence at Kerry Park

The residence is very curvilinear, it is very ''Deco'' in its structure

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