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The Mediterranean Modern Luxe project in the Tampa Bay Area, Florida has been an exciting one for Franco, the interior designer. He broke the routine and has approached the venture distinctively with a chic, modern style that allowed one to just soak in the beauty of the Florida landscape.

The outdoor living here echoes the Mediterranean colors, those of the sea and the sky And, depending on the surrounding region, warm yellow and green has been blended in. Since, Americans dote spending time outdoors, more and more individuals are treating the outdoor spaces as true extensions of their homes consequently, turning porches, patios, decks, pools and gardens into outdoor living spaces.

The simple neutral scheme in the large living area with slight touches of blue and green along with the artful details, such as the elegant crystal chandeliers and intricately designed marbleized center table in wood exhibits a feel of breezy Mediterranean shores.

Since, the room enjoys an impressive view of the pool and surrounding landscape, with the implementation of one large sofa and four chairs, this space is all set to entertain a crowd!

However, the collection of cushions in the living has taken the interior from cold to chic instantly. Here, sticking to warm, cozy materials for the rug has added some softness to the more hard-edged table in wood. Since, Buddha statues are very popular and is believed to bring good luck and prosperity to those that display it, it has become a popular décor element. Though it has become less related to religion and more inclined towards art in general. Additionally, adding the coastal twist by placing shells on top of book stacks along with other accessories gives the impression of a well-curated collection.

The flow of the design from living to the kitchen is just amazing. Even though it is an open design concept, with the living, kitchen and dining visible from various angles, each space has been zoned out perfectly.

Nestled in the corner of the living area, the bar cabinet has been set, which resembles a display unit. A unit that hasn’t taken away a lot of the square footage of the plan to incorporate a cocktail station!

On the other side is the white and bright, cheery and timeless kitchen! Since, furniture and accessories are a great way to inject a little color into the all-white kitchen, upholstered seats with brown vinyl has been added for the right amount of pop. And, of course the dash of greenery on the sparkling white island table along with the peek a boo exterior view of the greenery through the kitchen blinds, brings in the instant feel of freshness right into the kitchen.

The giant modern geometrical patterned chandelier with four lamps, placed right above the white island table adds a bit of brightness and a hint of glam to the kitchen. This metallic piece just brings in the right modern feel and creates a fabulous style statement!

The gray wall is draped in fretwork patterned wallpaper in the dining area. The addition of various patterns, styles and texture here adds color to the dining room hence, has the power to transform the ambiance of an interior completely.

The wall draped in black and gray fretwork patterned wallpaper in the dining area will grasp the attention of onlookers instantly. The blend of the fretwork wallpaper along with the overall plane walls and plane solid patterned dining chair upholsteries complements the theme of the room. Even the addition of two cylindrical shaped pendant lighting above the dining table exhibits a very dramatic feel.

The master bedroom in pale shade has been designed with the splash of lavender and coral. These shades stands out while being used with tints and shades of browns and tranquil gray. The smoky gray shade of the headboard recedes into the background, whereas lavender couch in front of the bed takes the center stage.

Basically, the goal of the bedroom is to obtain the serenity and tranquility by the use of calming colors. Moreover, the soft fabrics used in the bedroom bring in the instant warmth. And the addition of the crystal chandeliers on either side of the bed adds the right amount of spark required for the room.

The guest suite is also designed in a simple manner as well. The high raised headboard with well upholstered bed in white bring in the feel of comfort instantly. The use of the traditional blue plane throw pillows and patterned curtains along with an elegant couple of ivory lamp pieces, displays a beyond-bright feel that has been balanced out with the addition of textured walls and floor that looks traditional, but feels a whole lot more modern!

The study has been provided with furniture that has clean lines, as it works wonderfully with lighter wood stains and natural textures. Moreover, the colors and finishes used in the study are in harmony with the rest of the interior space as well as the home's surroundings.

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