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The homeowner from Manhattan, loves the fast life of Manhattan, loves to travel, loves art. They have collected beautiful pieces of art from around the world, hence, art was their priority. And it has been tried to showcase some of their special pieces.

There's multi colored benches in the center, that one could sit on, like in a museum and enjoy the art or move them around and gather together to enjoy them in a cocktail party!

The one large room here encompasses many functions. So when one walks in, it consists of a seating, which is considered as the living area in traditional terms.

To the left of the living area is a seating area which brings in a feel of a gallery.

The living and the dining area are very well connected.

The dining area has been beautified with high end wall art for decor. The climbing wall art, colorful chairs made of solid material makes decor stand out in this dining room.

The kitchen is a very functional one. It is laid out really in a practical manner

It's a great kitchen for cooking and has lots of storage space.

Since the living and the dining area are very well connected, guests can be in the living area, on the benches, in the dining, they can be in the kitchen as well.

And it becomes one big space to entertain as everything is very visually connected to each other!

It is a thermador kitchen. All the appliances are thermador, for instance the oven, microwave, refrigerator.

The kitchen is marvelous. It's a kitchen to cook in, a kitchen to hang out in!

A great space to sit and watch a movie.

Since the homeowner is a fashion expert, she has a lot of her own ideas which has been collaborated to find a way to create an extremely open, bright, airy, artful space.

The bathroom set in white.

Infusing style and texture together with a bathroom set in white can transform the bathroom into a cozy luxury spa.

Simple yet elegant bedroom

The master bath is in the master bedroom on the top floor, next to the reading nook.

Tiles are of glass which has been gathered with clear grout which creates a wonderful sparkle.

The bath consists of a free standing bath tub and vessel sink.

Shelly Preziosi - Artful Living - Interior 22

The stairway leading to the small reading nook and the master bed with attached bath.

On top of the stairs is a small space, a loft that has been created into a little reading nook. The space has been provided with bookshelves, a good reading lounge and light.

The master bedroom has the wonderful views of the inner coast, so the bed has been positioned to look out and the fabrics in the master bed are all very soft. Materials, like fur and velvets has been used.

Moreover, a little sofa at the end of the bed has been provided for one to relax and watch TV or read in the evening.

The style of the house is elegant, comfortable tropical, eclectic. Every room reflects that! Every room has a place to both read and relax.

Shelly Preziosi - Artful Living - Interior 27

The homes created by this designer has one factor in common or have lots of similarities, in the projects she worked on, that they are open and bright!

What makes the home unique is the people! So each home has a trademark of people, the home being designed for.

Hence, the homes are very different, because of the different ways and the lifestyle the people adapt.

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