Choosing A Deck? A Guide To The Best Wood Alternative For Decking

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Fiberon decking was established in the United States in 1997, their services included high caliber, eco-friendly composite decking, railing and fencing. Fiberon also extended their operations later and enabled efficient bi-coastal manufacturing and distribution. Their decking, railing and fencing products are sold throughout the world, all through North America, South and Central America, Asia, Australia and in more than 30 nations all through Europe. The company’s prime focus is to extend the company's legacy of quality, development and sustainability.

Why Choose Fiberon Decks?

Fiberon produces composite decks with all the excellence of common wood that is less demanding to keep up, more tough and long lasting when compared to wood. The secret is co-extrusion, where the topmost layer of Fiberon deck is plastic and the base is a blend of plastic and wood.

Prior to the innovation of Fiberon decks, the decks were fabricated with the mono extrusion method. These composites, however, didn't spoil or rot like wood, but lacked external protective layer, hence fades, obtains scratches and gets stained. Therefore, Fiberon thought of the co-extrusion method, a procedure in which a separate polymeric cap is fused onto the wood, plastic composite base, this surface does not comprise of natural/organic material, rather it has an exceptional mix of non reactive pigments, UV inhibitors, antioxidants and mold inhibitors, all of which gives better resistance to sun, stains, molds and bacteria along with enduring sturdiness and extraordinary hues.

How Fiberon Co Extrusion Decks Are Made

Various extruders treat the core material along with polymeric top materials to fiber on sophisticated dyes carefully, controlling dimensions to the rigid specifications. The realistic wood look is created by the implementation of different hues structures and the wood grain patterns are attained by the direct embossment onto the boards.

Strict quality testing is performed throughout the process. The Fiberon technicians test the board's performance across several important categories such as weather resistance, mold growth, temperature extremes, strength, abrasion resistance and surface adherence. These decks won't break, spoil, chip or rot. Moreover, their rich wood surface and satisfying grain designs, hold their new like appearance for a seemingly endless amount of time.

The Eco- Friendly Decking

Fiberon decking makes eco-friendly products from an innovative blend of 94% of recycled substances which diverts 60000 tons of unwanted wood and plastic from the landfills every year. The sustainable manufacturing process includes closed loop water cooling system and the 98.5 % waste material recovery rate eliminate environmental impact, in short, they are innovative, beautiful, sustainable and is built to last!

The Industry's Leading Innovation - History Of Fiberon

With a long history of decking industry "firsts", Fiberon has been the first one to use the multi-chromatic technology to innovate the capped composite decking.
Developed the first multi-chromatic and embossed decking boards.
The first in hidden fastener
The industry's first stain and fade warranty for capped composites.
The first in molded and embossed WPC decking.
First PVC composite railing. And first in providing customizable rail and baluster system.

Advantages Of Composite Decking Over Wood

Composite decking requires less maintenance. It is a lot like pre finished flooring and doesn't need sanding, staining, or painting.
Composite decking costs less and lasts longer too.
Composite decking materials are eco-friendly and toxin-free.
Composite decking is safer. They are splinter-free and slip-resistant, hence, makes a home safer for children and pets.
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