Kitchen Backsplash Styles To Dominate in 2017 - For Gray Kitchens


Cooking can be fun with kitchen designs getting better and interesting with time. Since, kitchens have various options to spice up, focusing on just one part would be just enough to liven up the space. For instance, focusing on the backsplash along with flooring or just focusing on the cabinets would be enough to bring back that lost spark.

Since unusual backsplash can help one stay updated with kitchen trends that too without having to spend a lot, here a few kitchen backsplash styling ideas are pinned down for homeowners with gray kitchens to get inspired from!

Time to give the gray kitchen trend of 2016 a slight makeover that anyone can plan this festive season and set it even as a kitchen style statement of 2017!

The Old Meets The New - The Trend Updation With The Metallic Stainless Steel Backsplash

No matter how small or big the kitchen remodelling is going to be, it is important in interior designing to strike the right balance and proportion hence, focus on the whole of the kitchen than just the kitchen walls. Since, gray had hit the top list in 2016 and has bagged the first position as the new ‘’classic white’’ the addition of stainless steel backsplash would turn any kitchen into a new fashioned masterpiece.

Try out the stainless steel backsplash in mosaic pattern or the ridged pattern, to add some texture to the space. Not just stainless steel is easy to clean and resists scratches, but it also exhibits a reflective glowing backdrop that creates a very sophisticated look in the gray kitchen!

Bring In The Bling - Add The Glitter And Glam Backsplash Or Glass Backsplash Tile For The Reflective Finish This Festive Season

What can be better than ringing in the holiday season with a little bling right in the kitchen? Add in a little shine by introducing blingy backsplash, or give the glass or mirror backsplash a festive twist with the addition of various focus lights to set a festive aura. This style can never go out of trend and can be implemented right away!

With contemporary kitchen design style very much in the trend, the kitchen backsplash design ideas of using glass backsplash would be perfect as it displays a clean look with minimal joints. However, glass backsplash is not just economical but it is also attractive at the same time and requires low-maintenance. Also, it is perfect for small kitchens, but needs regular maintenance as it just not double the space, but also doubles the fingerprints and the splatter spots.

Penny Backsplash Tiles In Vibrant Colors - Play With Patterns

Surprise the kitchen walls with a splash of colors! With the ''go minimal'' and gray kitchen design concept being in trend for a long time, trying out something vibrant and innovative this coming year would give the kitchen a feel of freshness.

How about placing the kitchen herbs and a few kitchen decor accents right in front of some fun and funky patterned backsplash to add a breath of freshness and sparkle to any kitchen?

Get Innovative With Cork Backsplash Tiles - The Commercial Kitchen Concept

Incorporate the sleek steel backsplash or something unique like the cork backsplash. The cork backsplash resembles the wine corks and bring in the feel of the restaurants and bars. Incorporate them along with commercial grade appliances and fixtures into the home's kitchen for creating something different!

The Rustic Style - Stone or Wood Tile Backsplash

Since the rustic look never goes out of fashion, implementing the rustic touch in form of backsplashes would be a great idea! With the availability of antique wood mosaic backsplash tiles, which are made from reclaimed wood one can cover a range of designs from classical to modern with ease. The rustic backsplash not just adds personality to a traditional kitchen but also seamlessly exhibits a more lived-in looks.

The Cork Backsplash Tile

The cork backsplash resembles the wine corks and bring in the feel of the restaurants and bars. Incorporate them along with commercial grade appliances and fixtures into the home's kitchen for creating something different!

Glass Tile Backsplash

The glass kitchen backsplash looks attractive, though, is an inexpensive and easy-to-clean alternative. Since, it creates an illusion of more space, it is perfect for a small kitchen. Additionally, the glass tile backsplash is definitely a great way to add color and visual interest to one's kitchen. It is available in various shapes such as rectangular shapes, penny style and so on, hence homeowners can choose any of them, to create a specific look.

The Marble Kitchen Backsplash

Planning for a white or gray kitchen? Try out using marble as the backsplash! Though the tiles with patterns resembling that of marble is available, but it is difficult to replace the natural and gorgeous look of the marble! It just needs to be sealed properly, to avoid the staining. Pair these marble slabs with simple, solid color counter tops and cabinets to allow the marble to be the focal point. It definitely makes the kitchen look luxurious!

The Backlit Backsplash

To create an ultra modern look, add a backlit backsplash to the kitchen, as it brings both light and reflection into the room. This backsplash idea is particularly great for tiny kitchens as the light will bounce around the room creating an illusion of a larger space. Additionally, incorporting the backlit backsplash can let someone attain a very simple desing yet achieve a modern, minimalist look at the same time!

Vibrant Backsplash Tiles

These kind of vibrant backsplash are perfect for the small or narrow kitchens and it also blends in well with the white or gray walls surrounding, as well as matches well with the stainless steel appliances. Additionally, it looks more like a beautiful piece of artwork hanging in the kitchen. These vibrant and vivid colors can grab anyone's attention instantly, hence can be used as a focal point in the kitchen.
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