Entertain During Festive Joyful Holiday Season in Your Kitchen

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Wondering how to entertain your guests this festive season in a kitchen? Well, with limited space at home and holidays right around the corner, one shouldn’t drop their dreams of hosting a party this season! With a few space maximizing ideas and stress minimizing tricks, even the busiest ones can transform their simple, basic looking space into something grand, and entertain with ease.

Since to give the small kitchens a festive twist, the kitchen would require a makeover. And one would be confused about where to start with! Hence, here a few of the aspects has been pinned down for the homeowners to get inspired from!

A Festive Twist To The Kitchen - Are You A Hospitable Person Or An Entertainer?

Once it’s been decided where to entertain the guest, the first thing the host need to do is, to pen down what he/she exactly wants out of the place. And need to come up with a conclusion whether to focus more on entertaining guests or hospitality. Depending on the same, the festive kitchen designing tricks will vary.

For instance, the ones who focus more on the way their overall home looks,mostly aim on material things such as how their furniture looks, or worry more about the unmatched curtains, and view each festive occasions as a task that has to be scheduled and organized to perfection.

Whereas, the ones who offers hospitality, focuses on completely different things. Which is similar to a family get together. Though the home decor must exhibit the warmth here, but the state of the overall home is unimportant.

The Quick Budget Friendly Festive Kitchen Ideas - Say Yes To Mood Lighting!

No matter how small or large kitchen design ideas, lights have the power within them to create a completely different aura altogether. And with the availability of good mood lighting, which if skillfully applied, can bring out various emotional responses, that can make any party more cheerful. Colorful bright red, yellow or golden pendant or handmade glass chandeliers would give splash of colors during festive and joyful holiday season.

Moreover, trying out warm light, exhibits a softer, warmer ambience and also hides any imperfections within the kitchen, that might be a matter of concern. For instance, if a bright light is focused on the stained island table that needs polishing, it could drawn attention. Therefore, make sure to hide the insecurities with good mood lighting to make everything look and feel better!

Decorate In Style Vertically

With festive season round the corner, decoration cannot be avoided. Hence keep the decorations slim! Opt for festive removable wall stickers or wall decals to decorate the kitchen. As when it comes to too many decorations, the room can feel too small and cramped. So opt for a few small yet bold floral arrangements, add fun element by using simple accent like miniature tabletop holiday decor accessories. Use the vertical space to bring in the festive touch, without making the space look cluttered!

The Furniture Placements

When the kitchen is being set for a party, make sure to both add and subtract furniture as per requirement. Firstly get rid of any furniture that is not required for the party to create more space and a better flow. Next, bring in nesting tables and stackable chairs that can be instantly brought out for extra seating. Rearranging the space can change almost everything as far as decorating goes. Therefore, swapping furniture or just by removing them from room, for instance, like moving the island table out, would be a good idea! A quick retreat can be achieved just by replacing the pendant shade, by adding a burst of colorful red or green glass mini pendant over the kitchen countertop.

Get Creative - Create A Focal Point

Make sure to create a focal point even in the small kitchen. Instead of cluttering the kitchen counter with multiple accessories opt for a few large vases for the kitchen sill. Try something different like using the fireplace mantle as a drink station or filling the sink with ice to turn it into a beverage cooler! Also, adding in throw pillows to the large window ledge for additional seating, will act as a focal point.

Last but not the least remind yourself the reason for the festive party in the first place is to get together and enjoy the time together with some good food. So one should not stress themselves. Have a good time by implementing these tips and tricks and lifting the glasses and dance!

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