Ecological Urbanism: Benefits of Building a House Underground


Watching the Hobbit or Lord of the Rings trilogy sure made you wonder what it feels like living in an underground home. Well, in order to experience all the perks of an underground home, you have to spend a few months living in it. There are many reasons why you should opt for a home beneath the surface, and listed below are some of the benefits that you and everyone else will find pleasing.

I wanna rock!

If you want to be as awesome as possible or simply want a piece of rock to live under, you can have both. Having a home underground may at first sound odd, but gives you every reason to brag about it. It is as cool as it can get.

Peace, serenity

A quiet slumber always depended on many factors. Now you will be able to sleep quietly and peacefully in your own bed without having to worry about the outside noise waking you up. Not only that, but the entire home will be sound-proof and nothing from the surface will reach you. It’s a perfect place for retired folks to enjoy the rest of their lives living in peace and harmony, away from the city life.

Hot and cold

Another benefit of having an underground home is the ability to easily control the temperature. Namely, underground houses tend to have a slightly lower temperature than those on the surface. This doesn’t mean that a life underground tends to be colder, but quite the opposite. These homes take less time to heat, and its positioning gives it a natural shade from the summer blaze. So in cold and long winter, having a fire to gather around will warm the entire place quickly and maintain the temperature quite easily, while you will be able to cool the entire place without much effort in hot summer days.

Take care of the air quality

Being underground means having less fresh air. Well, even though this is technically true, it doesn’t apply for underground homes. They are built to have many entry points of fresh air and equipped with the best air purifier for mold and dust elimination one can find. The air never gets stall and is always fresh. Not only that, but the circulation of air is also great and fairly quickly reaches all the rooms of the house.

Customize it as you wish

One of the major benefits of having an underground home is that you get to customize it completely. From top to bottom, every room and every corner will be and look just the way you want it. Design it as you please, paint it in your favorite colors and pick the furniture you always wanted. The same goes for the wall paint, flooring and the shape of the windows. This is a dream come true.

Cheap and affordable

The best part is that these homes are fairly cheap and affordable. Building one from scratch costs less than building a regular home; the reasons are cheap materials used (cinder blocks, wood and other reclaimed materials). Building an underground home is very affordable, so if you always wanted a Batcave, now would be the perfect time to actually make one.

Listed above are only a few benefits of having an underground home. There are many more which you will find once you move in into your new underground home.

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