Oledrian Plus Suspended


The Oledrian light fitting, winner of the 2016 IF Design Award, is designed by Piotr Jagiełłowicz and is available in pendant and wall versions. The designer takes as his inspiration the work of Piet Mondrian and the de Stijl movement, that is to say, aesthetically purified, abstract forms. Lines, planes and colours are pared back to their most fundamental state; squares and rectangles, horizontal and vertical lines, black, white, grey and primary colours. Together they present a minimalist yet fascinating addition to your interior and the lamps are available in many colour finishes. They are also easy to install and will bring light to exactly where you need it. IF Design AwardThe key advantages of OLED light are the absence of glare and the perfect warm, ambient light. The OLedrian is capable of emitting a luminous flux of over 1,000 lumens without the slightest hint of glare, and colours appear more true than with any other light source except the sun! Juxtaposed with the intriguing form of Jagiełłowicz's design, the Oledrian represents the future of lighting, whilst continuing the aesthetic principles of the past.



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