The Life of an Architect: 10 interesting facts about an architect


Designing Beautiful Spaces.
Architecture is about the making of places where people spend their lives. Whether these are public or private spaces, architects work with a variety of massing, hierarchies of volumes, space planning, materials and façade elevations. Integrating context and landscape further enhance their design of the architectural space. Building envelope systems and roof structures can add value and beauty to the exterior of a building, while furniture and lighting can do the same for the interior. The creative sensibility of an architect adds value and beauty to the spaces we live in every day.


In the study and practice of architecture, a wide range of professional skills are developed. You are working with material sciences, mathematics, engineering, philosophy, history, literature, and art. If you change your mind about practicing architecture, the profession has still trained you to prosper in other creative fields. These include furniture design, product design, drafting, graphic design, illustration, model making, etc. One does not need to return to school to obtain an additional creative design degree.


You get to leave something on this earth. Some of the buildings that you design will outlive you, giving you the opportunity to leave something on the earth that is a result of your work and creative efforts. You are passing on something to generations after you. You are a part of an evolution of design ideas and solutions to buildings of different programmatic typologies and construction systems.


The technologies involved in both design and construction are constantly improving. Even though an architect has graduated from school, they will never stop learning. The software used to design and draft architectural ideas are developing each year. Building information modeling has opened up a new method of working with consultants in a much more collaborative and efficient way. The tools used for fabrication are also changing, while architects constantly need to stay up to date on their knowledge of construction methods and the products available in the market. It is a field in which you can never really get ‘bored’ or find that you have finished learning.


Being an architect gives you the opportunity to be responsible for and responsive to the environment. Buildings are encouraged to function in a sustainable way, while architects are also trained to design “green” buildings that are constructed in an environmentally friendly manner. Architects are not just concerned with the exterior and interior design of a building, but the environment as a whole. Seacliff Construction & Design Photo by Chibi Moku

Diversity within the profession

While architecture stands as a broad creative field specializing in the design of buildings, under this umbrella one can further specialize in interior design, urban design, exhibition curation, graphic design, landscape, etc. An architect is not tied to working with building systems.

Travel & Languages

Practicing in the profession of architecture gives one the opportunity to learn and use multiple languages in the workplace. Architects often travel for projects and for work that may take them to different cities and countries around the globe. Architects are not restricted to working locally. They have the flexibility to practice design anywhere that the design may take them.

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Architects are constantly working with other consultants and projects teams from different parts of the world. Sometimes they can even be collaborating with other local architects if the project is far away from their home base office. Other than architects, they are also working with engineers, lighting consultants, façade manufacturers, furniture designers, etc.

Community Service

Lastly, architects have the opportunity to give back to the community through their professional practice. Organizations such as “habitat for humanity” allow architects to design and build for the good of the community, working on affordable housing and other public projects. Being an architect is more than a job, it is a lifestyle. Architects are learning how things come together, how they function and how they fail.

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