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Gone are the days when most corporate offices were typically cubicle, surrounded by white walls and lit by white fluorescent lights. Thanks to a few corporate giants that have demonstrated tremendous success despite their unconventional workplaces!

More people are accepting the idea that, creative work environment helps stimulate minds and inspires. Interior Designers, these days are focusing more on creating a "cool" office space, that even reflects the company’s culture too. Even a well designed work space, can be a sense of pride for employees, and an attractive selling point for recruiters as well! As an employee spends eight hours, and most of the times, a few more extra hours here, it's time to ditch those crisp white walls. Here are a few ways, to make the cubicle look interesting.

The Glass Effect

The stereotypical office design often consists of an open office area with rows of desks and cubicles, with employees lined up in their small area where they work each day. Often, the cubicle walls and partitions are of a dull color, such as gray that blends in with the other monotone colors in the office. These old style designs are becoming a thing of the past as office designers choose to incorporate commercial glass, office dividers instead.

One of the biggest problems with traditional cubicle walls and partitions is the fact that they decrease creativity among employees. People get tired of gray walls, and the walls are just high enough that people can’t see each other while sitting at their desk, resulting in minimal interaction between employees.

The Cubicles

Ready Made Cubicle Designs:

These office cubicle designs, as the name suggests are the ones that are readily available in the markets. These also include modular office furniture like chairs and walls. They are available in various designs, colors and patterns.

Ergonomic Office Cubicle Designs:

These are the types of office workstations that are highly meant for the comfort of employees. The whole cubicle design includes the ergonomic, yet modular office furniture, proper lighting. The ergonomic office workstations include the acoustic factor as well. These designs reduce the stress of work on the employees.

L-Shaped or U-Shaped Cubicles:

These can either be for an individual or even shared, and there are partitions meant for each employee. U shaped office cubicles are meant more for a single person. They are available in different sizes and colors according to office interiors. They offer more privacy to the employees as well.
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Go Vibrant

Boring office cubes are a thing of the past. Color plays a very important role even in the office cubicle systems. Whether your goal is to optimize your space or create an organized, clean lines, it can be easily done with the introduction of colors to the workspace. Plain white walls are pretty boring, but blending them well with any contrast color is a smart way to uplift the space. This move, makes the company's environment feel a little homier, or at least like a home office, and seek new ways to motivate employees. Add colors like orange to the quieter workplaces, as bright color provides a pop of energy, without overwhelming the subdued space.

As office interiors play a vital role in the productivity of employees, it is important to make it motivating enough. Some of the aspects of office interiors are flooring, walls, modular office furniture's. Of all the aspects, the office workstations, also called office cubicles are the most important ones. Filling these areas with colors, and interesting structures could help stir up employees’ creative juices. Try out these tips, to create an aesthetically inviting workplace!

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