5 Steps To Send You Soaring Into Space


Not all of us are lucky enough to have thousands of square feet to work with when Designing our dream bedroom. In fact, for the majority of city-dwellers, living spaces are set to decrease even further in the coming years. As population levels rise, we must think smarter and more creatively to work with what little space we have. This doesn’t mean settling for a bare-bones approach to living. Oh no. Or accepting that the guest bedroom will turn into a dumping ground for useless clutter. We accept the challenges of modern living and vow to face them head on. And how do we do this? Simple. We look towards the future.

From Cluttered Chaos, to Sleek and Stylish

Designing a bedroom within restricted confines doesn’t mean giving up on creating a fun and modern living space. It’s so easy to settle for a generic and dull set-up with a rectangular bed you have to press yourself against the walls to get around. Add to that a clunky dresser and nightstand, and you may as well be sleeping in your sock drawer.

Fear not, claustrophobic mortals. With these 5 steps you can transform your bedroom from being a cluttered corner you squeeze into to crash-out, to a sleek, modern capsule, shooting you light-years ahead of your friends and neighbors.

1. Why Is There A Bed Lying On Your Floor?

Wall beds are the first step to freeing up some much-needed space in your bedroom.

Think about it. We typically only sleep in our beds at night, right? So, why must we squeeze around them during our waking hours, stubbing toes and bruising shins? When you’re awake, your bed should be out of the way.

To be really futuristic, your bed should add something to the space it occupies. Cue the wall bed.

Space-saving furniture company, Furl, have a range of affordable wall beds that also function as bookshelves, office desks, and more! The clever people at Furl are definitely looking toward the future. They know that it’s not enough to just save space; we need to transform space.

These clever designs mean you will never have to worry about moving items on your shelves or desk when it’s time to sleep, definitely futuristic.

2. Slim Down Those (Table) Legs

That’s right. You heard me. When space is tight (like in space), it doesn’t make sense to have furniture that takes up room in every direction. For your bedroom, choose a floating nightstand, creating both physical space and a less cluttered look.

The same goes for your bedroom desk or table, where you can sip coffee and read (futuristic) magazines. Choose a round table to optimize available space, and limit table legs to a central pillar for a sleek, futuristic look and room to stretch out your own legs.

3. Lights, Camera…. No Space!

It’s funny isn’t it? Theoretically, light shouldn’t take up any space at all. And yet, so often bedrooms become magnets for space-invading lamps of every shape and size. Standing lamps, lamps on your nightstand, on your dresser.

No more. We are going to the future.

Spotlights are the most futuristic choice for your bedroom. They’ll free up your floor and shelf space in a jiffy.

Another alternative is wall lights. Choose a sleek, stylish design and, again, cut out the need for floor space.

4. Color Yourself To The Future

A big factor in how spacious a room looks comes down to its color scheme. When the room is also a bedroom, color choice becomes even more important.

To create the illusion of a lot of space, keep the color palette simple. Choose one color and keep tones light to maximize space. Then, pick a complementary shade to highlight the room’s details. If your room is white, paint the shelves of your wall-bed lime green, or blue. The BBC has an excellent guide on painting small rooms.

Or go for chrome fittings smooth and ergonomic, perfect for the long term.

5. Plan, Design, Plan, Design, Plan

This step might sound simple, but the only way to get your futuristic dream-ship off the ground in one piece is to spend time planning.

Don’t just launch into refurbishing your bedroom.

Look at the space you have and use these tips to design a bedroom that works best for what you need. Pick a theme and stick to it. Get rid of anything that isn’t in your design. Do you really need that retro lamp? Didn’t think so.

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