Transform Your Dining Room Using These Interior Decorating Techniques

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There are a number of reasons why you are looking to change the interior look of your dining room, and if you make yourself knowledgeable about the techniques designers use you can make these minor changes with little effort on a small budget. Not every change has to be big and fancy as you can make small tweaks that will have a big impact. For example, by strategically placing a mirror in a room you can increase the amount of light that it has. Walls can be brightened, and the room can receive a warmth perception just by changing colors or adding small decorations. Use these designer techniques if you want to make some changes to your dining room.

1. Repainting Dining and Kitchen with light colors will make the room appear bigger.

One of the first rooms you should tackle is the kitchen. Because so much goes on in this room, it tends to be over packed with cookware, utencils and appliance, and storage makes it feel small and constrictive. However, if you lighten the walls with paint and add mirrors to reflect the light around the room, you can make it feel larger than it is. You definitely want to avoid dark colors in here, as they will close the walls in on you. Dark colored walls will always make kitchen feel smaller, so even if you tried to brighten it with uncovered windows and mirrors, the dark paint would absorb the natural sun rays you are trying to bring in.

2. Fancy mirrors add light and zing to any dining room.

As already mentioned, the use of mirrors to help make a small area seem bigger is a popular design technique. It does not matter if the room is big or small; simply place a mirror on a wall opposite a window so it can reflect this natural light around the room. Additionally, when you buy a mirror that has a fancy frame, this does double-duty of filling an empty wall instead of a piece of art. When you choose the right sized mirror for the room, you will be amazed at how much lighter it can make the dining room feels.

3. Don't stick to one pattern or design.

Get crazy and choose differently designed prints to put together. You can add an antique centerpiece, cheap or expensive products to mesh together and make a new look.

Old and new can easily be blended so don't be too concerned about having a new piece of furniture placed beside a treasured antique. The key to the best interior design is that it tells a story about you and what you like. An antique sideboard for storage, for example, may have belonged to a family member 50 years ago. This piece of furniture represents their history.

However, the new modern piece of furniture sitting beside it is representative of your current story, and there is nothing like this stated in the interior designer’s rule books that these two items couldn’t coexist. You can also use this justification when you are looking at pieces of art. Here are some great dining room designs that include the two. Of course, when it comes to the greatest artists you want to present these on their own walls so each one is admired for its

individuality, but they can still co-exist within the same room. Mix up the different fabrics that you have for dining chairs to add vibrancy and excitement to your furniture and furnishings.

4. Change the Dining Chairs Slipcovers

You may think that slipcovers are only for the elderly, but you could be judging them without cause. Slipcovers are a quick way to change the appearance of dining chairs as often as you want. Because they are so easy to remove and wash, you also don't have to worry so much about the original fabric getting dirty from food and drink spills. If you have young children, then you must purchase slipcovers for use in the rooms that they play in most often. You can even consider buying white slip covers if you want a plain, elegant backdrop that can be enhanced with colored or patterned pillows.

5. Cane Or Wicker Baskets

Don't forget to consider your storage needs when you are redoing a room, and baskets are one of the easiest storage options. You can use wicker baskets to hold almost everything you have in a dining room or kitchen. From magazines to toys, linen to art supplies, wicker baskets come in every size and color. When looking at your kitchen, for example, a rustic woven wicker basket sitting on the dining room or on island is the perfect place to put fruit. In a basket, it is less likely to get overlooked which can happen in a fridge.

6. You may already have decorating objects in your home that you can use.

Often, when doing redecorating in the home, items get put into storage boxes and then promptly get forgotten. Accessories are one way to turn a dining into a well loved home. But, rather than spending more money at the shops, why don't you have a rummage in your storage boxes to rediscover what you already own. You can reuse all sorts of furniture and furnishings in ways they may not have originally been designed for. For example, why buy a new breakfast nook table when you could re-purpose an antique bench. Make sure that you think about the different items that can be placed on top of them.

If you don't want to buy new pictures for the walls, hang up antique plates instead. If your child has a favorite book they don't read anymore, remove pictures from within it and put into picture frames that can be hung in their room, playroom or bathroom. With a little imagination, you could be quite surprised what is already lurking in your home looking for a new lease on life.

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