Ethnic Handicrafts For Home Decoration


Ethnic design or Colonial design is implanted in our roots and will never go out of fashion.As the ethnic style of decorating is essentially rich,people these day mix and match it with contemporary designs.The furniture's used in such designs are also termed as "period furniture".
Here are few ethnic furniture's and artifacts that are stained these days to give a completely different look though maintaining the style and pattern.Here are few ideas on how can these furniture's adapt with the rest of the interiors:
1.The classic sofa en crafted with silver work resembles the colonial design.The upholstery in red and the silver combo creates a dizzy effect!. Add rugs,textured draperies with multilayer in tones of red.Create a focal point with patterned wallpaper in nude tone to break the feel of redness all around.Paneling it with silver scone gives a symmetrical look to the whole interior.For lighting,use chandeliers and lamps resembling the design on the furniture.
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2.This eye catching sofa and center table with silver work will even look good in a room which is small in size.As the design consist of more silver than the red shade,it creates an illusion of simplicity.The pale brick red patterned upholstery smashes the monotony.Add carpets with patterns resembling the upholstery,use layered curtains in shades that gels with the accessories and use wallpaper in pale red on one wall and place artifacts in silver to give the space a picture perfect look!

3 The low height wooden table crafted with silver will look at its best in lobby area for placing artifacts on it.Place it with a stone wall tile behind and add indoor plants.This will create an ethnic yet contemporary look.Provide the space with warm lighting to create an illusion of richness and elegance to the interiors.

4.This wooden table crafted with simple silver design will suit any contemporary designed space.Use it as a corner stand in living area for placing of artifacts.Add furniture with minimum designs resembling the design on this piece,use colorful throw pillows and add tints of beige for carpets and curtains to give a fresh look to the interiors.Hang artistic chandelier for lighting.

5.The design of this wooden table resembles that of a period furniture.Due to its detailed design it comes under the "period furniture" section.The silver finishing provided on it ,makes it more attractive and can be used as a focal point.Whether you place it as a corner stand or as side table near the sofa it will surely catch the attention of your guests.Use glass top so that the design resembling the wheel doesn't get hidden.

6.Eye catching table top crafted with Mother of Pearl is a glowing material used since ages.This piece of furniture creates an elegant look.Don't block the top by placing artifacts as its design is enough to grab attention.Place cushion resembling the shape of this furniture to give the space symmetrical look.Use plane fabrics for curtains and carpet with design just on the borders.

7.Another table top en crafted with Mother of pearl in rectangular shape.As the design consist of both silver and golden color,try to bring this color theme in the interiors.This interior concept will give a rich and classy look.Use of such furniture's during the festive season brings the instant glow!

8.This classic table top with mother of pearl work is quiet different comparing with the last two.Here the flower design is embossed.Add plane upholstery for sofas,keep rugs simple as possible and add three layered curtains.One resembling the table background,next with flower pattern and add transparent fabric.This brings flow in the design.

9.Table top chess design in circular pattern en crafted with mother of pearl gives a traditional feel.While such designs are used on furniture's its suggested to go with plane upholstery's and fabrics.So that all the attention goes into the design detailing.Use similar design on ceiling or place artifacts resembling the design on any one wall for a balanced look.

10.Another table top en crafted with mother of pearl but with bird design.This same design can be followed in cushion and by hanging artifacts resembling birds.By using similar pattern on other accessories in the interiors will not make this piece look as an odd man out!But don't over do it by adding the design pattern to each and every fabric used in the room.

11.Wooden door en crafted with mother of pearl work creates an elegant look.The design resembles the tree of life pattern which was very popular.Use of such design on window grills,partitions for living and dining area will bring a smooth flow of this pattern from entrance door to the interiors.

12.This hide shield carved with handcrafted mild steel work can be used on narrow walls to create a focal point.Add wallpapers before fixing it up and place the shields in vertical manner.

13.Another heavy hide shield-dhaal crafted with mild steel.Get a set of six and place it on a wider wall.Bring fabrics for curtains resembling the pale pattern on the shield.Mix and match the combo of pattern and plane in other interior accessories too.

14.Keep the color scheme of the dining space in low tone as the seater dining table with crafty enamel work is essentially rich.Use plane fabrics in off-white to finish the look.In this way the whole attention will be grabbed by this richly designed set.


Crafty chaise lounge with artistic silver work..
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