Romantic Bedroom with Dramatic Headboard, Wallpaper and Canopy Bed


Tips to create successful and romantic bedroom wall designs & headboards.
1. Keep it light, romantic, less messy and simple.
2. Use of bright colors or romantic colors can be a useful and working tool.
3. Removable Wallpaper or any different kind of patterns can work equally good.
4. Dramatize the wall with different and effective light effects.
5. Let the room theme get well connected with wall decor’s and furniture designs.

A perfect design for a bedroom

Something very soothing and appealing at the same time! The brown and beige, is obviously a very well used combination, but the implementation of grey here, brings in the uniqueness. The starry night headboard, along with the indirect lighting below the bed, gives the decor a feel of outdoor!

Love the warmth and cozy aura

Then this particular concept, is just made for you! The tints and shades of beige, has been used here smartly, with a dash of olive green. The wall behind the bed, has been introduced with subtle accent wall paper

Romance is in the air with purple

If you love to bring in colors, to interiors of your bedroom, opt for these combinations of bright purple with soft pink, create a romantic feel in the bedroom! The bed is separated from the dressing area, in a unique setting. It has been raised to 10 inches, that's the height of skirting.

Shades of Pink

Pink has always been the part of bedroom design. A color, which not only suits the space for kids, but also works as wonders, in a couples room too!
As there is a vast availability of tint and shades of pink, it not a daunting task to create a unique color concept anymore. The toned down pink shade, beige with a touch a gold, gives the bedroom a luxurious look.

A well designed space

Though the color used here is a simple one, the pink textured wall highlights, and makes the room look fresh and lively!

Swan Duo with Towel

The decor of main bedroom, must always bring in the feel of romance! And what can be better than adding up accessories, that displays love around? How about these pair of towel white swans, a perfect valentine's day idea!

Sheer Canopy Bed

This beautiful bed, with creatively carved posters and canopy hung on the ceiling, making this bedroom a romantic retreat for a couple.
A perfect setup, and you can even try to blend these shades in your space, as part of the valentines decorations too!

Old British Style Bed

Love adding a touch of class and richness, to your bedroom interiors? Then this golden fabric, canopy poster bed is something that you would love!

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Great idea. Looks very Royale!..
 Sam Swaminathan  |    May 31, 2013, 7:24 a.m.

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