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When considering interior design elements, it’s doubtful that heating and air conditioning components make it on your list – that’s understandable. Traditionally, HVAC systems are unattractive, enormous, and their components have been built into homes and businesses in ways that keep them out of sight.

The heating and cooling industry have come a long way in terms of stylish product design. The equipment manufacturers who once considered their products as purely functional are now recognizing the need for stylish profiles in today’s world.

Today’s HVAC products aren’t the bulky, mechanical-esque products most envision – today’s HVAC design trends will embrace style as well as efficiency to fit the aesthetic of the modern home. If you think heating and air conditioning has nothing to offer your interiors – think again.

Sophisticated Thermostat Design

Today’s thermostats are smarter than ever, offering efficient automation and unmatched connectivity. Their profiles have also evolved along with the technology – today’s thermostats are attractive, featuring a range of finishes and forms which provide designers as well as home and business owners many options to choose from which integrate seamlessly with the space they’re in.

Many thermostats now utilize sleek touchscreens for simple control without the bulky appearance of push buttons. The Honeywell TH9320WF5003 WiFi 90006 7 Day Programmable Color Touch Screen Thermostat goes a step further, allowing users to select display color – choose a color scheme which works with the room, allowing your thermostat to contribute to your interior aesthetic, not stick out sorely.

The Honeywell Lyric Thermostat features a stylish circular profile with a minimalist yet modern display. This thermostat doesn’t just look good in a home, it gets to know the household’s comfort preferences to provide automatic heating and cooling control. Smart thermostats are the latest and greatest in thermostat technology, and their style is evolving right along with their advances.

HVAC Goes Ductless

Ductless, or mini-split, heating and cooling systems are becoming wildly popular for their energy efficiency and range of installation applications. These systems are often chosen for installation in the new additions and when remodeling a home or business which does not have a duct system in place.

Today’s ductless heating and cooling systems aren’t those bulky, ugly, loud things you see in roadside hotel rooms – in addition to their superior functionality, many profiles and finishes are available to fit the aesthetic of the space in which they will be installed.

Ductless units feature slim profiles which can be installed high on the wall to avoid limiting functional space below. Certain units, such as the LG Art Cool system, are made to look like a piece of art on the wall so designers and homeowners can find the perfect fit for their interiors.

Don’t like the idea of a unit attached to a wall? Hide it in the ceiling! This Panasonic Recessed Ceiling Air Conditioner can be installed flush with the ceiling of a room while still offering efficient and sufficient cooling power. Its wireless remote allows the user to control the unit from the ground below.

Show Off Those Ducts

Exposed ductwork was once limited to industrial applications, but today’s designers are recognizing the potential of bringing functional ductwork out into the open. Plus, when installing forced air heating and cooling in a home or business space without existing ductwork, installing exposed ducts is extremely cost-effective – there is no need to build enclosures to hide the duct system, which requires expensive materials and labor as well as consumes valuable square footage.

Ducts don’t have to be rectangular – custom exposed ductwork can be made using cylindrical ducts or squared duct material.

Ducts can sit closer to walls and ceilings, or be suspended using appropriate supports.

Ducts don’t have to be silver – custom exposed ductwork can be any color you imagine, whether you want the ducts to blend with the color scheme of your interiors or stand out boldly.

Where To Find Great HVAC Style

If you are envisioning the addition of stylish HVAC components to your interiors, finding the right HVAC contractor is essential to the success of your project. You want to connect with a contractor who understands your interior design sensibilities and can match you with solutions that not only complement your interiors, but will serve you functionally.

HVAC.com can connect you with the right contractor to pull off your bold HVAC design project. Let us connect you with a sophisticated, savvy contractor from our nationwide network.
This image is of the actual wall-mounted LG Art Cool unit!

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