How To Choose The Perfect Rug For Your Family Home


Choosing a rug is not a simple task -it should be, but it's not! There are so many different things to consider - What size should I buy? What color? Which rug fibre is best? And having kids means more considerations - What rugs are the softest? The sturdiest? The cheapest? The easiest to clean? There is so much choice out there...let's try and make life easier for you. When choosing a rug for your home consider the following top tips:

Find a family-friendly material

Synthetic fibres (Viscous/Nylon/Polyester/Polypropylene/Acrylic Yarn)

Don't be put off by the chemical-sounding names. There is nothing unnatural about the look or the feel of synthetic fibres. They are surprisingly soft underfoot and perfect for babies or tiny bare feet. One of their chief advantages is that they are fantastically stain resistant! With a bit of care, and regular hoovering, they will withstand the demands of family life and keep that 'new' look for some time. They are also very economically priced and so easily replaceable - What's not to love!

Cotton/Recycled Cotton

Cotton rugs have a soft and casual feel and the recycled variety is great for the environment. They come in a fantastic range of colors and styles. The family-friendly bonus here is that the smaller sizes can easily fit into your washing machine. They don't repel the dirt as easily as the synthetic rugs so you will need to keep on top of them if you want them to stay in great condition, but on the plus side - they are also reasonably priced and so can be easily replaced/updated.


Chenille is a much more luxurious fabric...It has a deep and comfortable pile that makes it super soft underfoot. Its softness makes it a perfect rug for nurseries as it is great for crawling practice. It is also a great fabric for beside the bed, or other places where bare feet may roam. It is naturally more pricey than the other options and not suitable for areas where many feet shoes tramp.

Natural Grasses: Sisal Jute and Sea Grass

Highly eco friendly and extremely hardwearing. These fibres will withstand the tramp of many feet. They are textured and come in neutral earthy colors and so give a 'cottage-y' or ' beach-y' feel to your home. They are not the softest of materials and so not brilliant for bare toes. However if you have a large natural grass rug, you can layer it with a softer rug in key places for more comfort.


Wool is a warm and comfortable fibre that feels and looks great. Its sturdy pile is also renowned for repelling stains. It needs regular vacuuming to stay in peak condition and all spillages must be well cleaned. A well looked after wool rug can last for generations and become a family heirloom. They are the most expensive of all the fibres mentioned here - but if they last forever ...?

Sizing A Rug Depends On The Room

Living Rooms - How To Create A Cozy Space

As a rule of thumb, in a larger room a rug should be sufficiently large that your sofa and armchairs front legs rest neatly on the rug. In a smaller room, one where the sofa maybe against a wall, creating a centre 'island' with your rug works better. In either case just make sure your rug is as wide (or a bit wider) than your sofa.

Dining Rooms - Let The Table Size Guide You

Tables and chairs are traditionally placed centrally on a rug and that rug must be large enough to allow 24"-30" to overlap on all sides. This allows for the chairs to be pulled back, but still remain on the rug.

Bedrooms - Another Cozy Space - Perfect For Relaxation And Sleeping

To start - you could place two runners along each side of the bed. Your bed side tables front legs should rest on the rug and the rugs length should not exceed that of the bed. Runners are great soft landing when you fall/clamber out of bed of a morning! You could also place a rug at the foot of the bed and let it extend out into the room. This will pull a larger space together and create a cosy centre sleeping space.

Perfecting The Choice Of Color

There are as many shades and colors as there are grains of sand. Here are a few simple rules to ensure that your choice of rug color works well in the room.


One option is to match your rug to a dominant shade in the room. This can be great for tying the whole rooms color scheme together. However - it could also be too much of a good thing! If this is the case, try matching your rug to a less dominant color present. Maybe there is a particular shade in your curtains or soft furnishings that you could match the rug to. This would be a beautifully subtle way to harmonize your room.

Blend Tonally:

You could also choose a color already present and pick a rug that is a few shades lighter or darker.


A contrasting color can make a fabulous statement in a room. If you have purple curtains you could team them up with a yellow or mint green rug for a note of drama. Not for the fainthearted!

And Finally, Patterns:

Rugs come in a multiplicity of patterns. They can be simple or mind-bogglingly intricate. They key here is to assess how 'busy' your room already is. If you have a large amount of stuff and clutter, a patterned rug could be too much, whereas a simpler room marries perfectly with a fabulous pattern.

Enjoy it! I hope this has helped to make a difficult decision just a little easier - shopping for rugs is meant to be fun, so hopefully now you'll enjoy it a little more!
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