Exquisite Indoor Pool Design Ideas


Featuring an exquisite indoor pool in neo classical interior design style matching the home interiors. Profound elegance and timeless appeal is characterized through its Greek columns, natural stone decorative wall cladding and round deco element with intricate pattern. Whilst the seamless cream tone with blue grey accent color used as motif in the room design creates a fresh and invigorating ambience. The rectangular inground pool is embellished with glass mosaic and limestone decking under the lofty skylight which not only helps in the ventilation but also adds glamour aesthetically as it turns the space into an enchanting oasis beneath the dramatic night sky. Completing the luxurious home design are charming Swarovski crystal made wall lamps and ornamental plants. Pool design ideas of a private villa in Dubai, UAE. Interior Design by IONS DESIGN www.ionsdesign.com | info@ionsdesign.com | Tel.: +971 4 4542675 | Dubai, UAE

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