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Since space planning is one among the most essential aspects of interior design, It has to give a very strong impact to any room, to make it look like a successful one. As without proper planning, a room can turn out to be a disaster. Therefore, it is recommended to work with the interior designing softwares that are available. These tools help one to work on the design concepts more closely even before it is being implemented.

Check out here, the best of interior design, planning tools and accomplish more than one task, such as trying out various layouts and decor ideas, design and adorn homes.


FloorPlanner allows one to create one plan for free. It is an easy to work tool and helps in creating and sharing interactive floor plans online in just a few clicks. One can plan an entire home, design individual rooms with beautiful interiors as well as landscaping. Moreover, can add furniture from the huge library of objects, into these layouts and give any interior a makeover or just check whether any furniture fits and suits the room or not. Therefore, try out floorplanner to come up with splendid images!


Smartdraw, a program best for presentations. It includes almost everything from project charts, timelines, marketing charts to flowcharts, other than designing. These diagrams, charts and other types of graphics are visual representations of information and are useful for countless purposes, for instance like drawing plans, documenting facts and capturing ideas.

This allows one to design, customize and present drawings and is also ideal for any of those individuals, who doesn’t want to spend a lot on design softwares. And with a lot of selection for cars, building materials and preloaded plans, SmartDraw is good for creating home elevations too!

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Autodesk Homestyler

Autodesk, known for designing buildings, 3D building modeling and 3D rendering capabilities, also has a program for space planning called the Homestyler. It’s user friendly, hence, doesn’t require formal training like other professional programs.

To make floor plans using Autodesk Homestyler one just needs to simply drag and drop, to create dimension and can even make angled walls within the design. Moreover, the furnishing and the decorating tool also allow one to choose nearly every decor item, for instance like cabinetry, appliances, home accessories, furniture and so on.

Ikea Home Planner Tool

The Ikea home planner tool is free and easy-to-use. It allows to configure the floor plan layout, choose from the store’s collection of furniture and decor, calculate the cost. One just needs to take the print out and take the list to the local Ikea store.

Since, there are plenty of free interior designing planning tools available, that will allow one to plan, design and view, depending on one's individual skill level. Choose the one program among these, which would work perfectly for you.


HomeByMe is a free room-planning tool. It has both the 2D and 3D home design options to build the room and could be finished with furniture and accessories. Once it is converted to 3D, the walls fall away, so that one can look inside the interior design that has been created.

The Home Renovator

The home renovator allows one to choose the material, for instance like paint, ceramic tile and so on. And ones the planning is complete, it lets the free worksheets to measure the space, enter the measurements and provides a report that tells how much material is required for the project, an illustrated instructions of materials and a budget.


SketchUp is a 3D modelling interior design software, which has both the free and paid version. It has been mostly used to design a kitchen, though it can be used to work on an entire interior designing project.

Planner 5D

The Planner 5D allows to work on even the smallest of architectural details, including windows, stairs and partitions. It also lets one to work on the home exterior area like the landscaping and pools.

Sweet Home 3D

This 3D software is ideal for those who want more customization options to the average room and decor space planning program. The online software is free (login and some information are required). A more advanced version of Sweet Home 3D can also be downloaded for saving, exporting and manipulation of your home plans.

The interface has four sections. The furniture catalog allows you to choose components by name, then drag and drop components directly into the floor plan. The home furniture list displays the dimensions of each piece by name and size.

Space Designer

Space Designer is super easy to use and allows to plan out rooms or entire home layouts directly on their website. All one has to do is, drag and drop to create both 2D or 3D designs.


RoomToDo is a free cloud-based interior design software that offers a 3D walk-through feature. It enables one to view and walk through from different angles.

Room Sketcher

Room Sketcher is also an online floor plan and interior design tool.They have ready made templates and design from scratch options. One can view designs it in both 2D or 3D.

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