Retractable Enclosures - Benefits and Usage of Retractable Enclosures


Retractable enclosure is basically an automatic system that allows any commercial or residential structure to provide themselves with a cover, that too, just at a push of a button with no manual efforts. With the availability of this innovative, functional and aesthetically attractive design construction, along with automated features, one could enjoy entertaining guests, swim or even just relax while it's raining or snowing, or even during unpredictable weather conditions in spring, summer or autumn, without enclosing the structure permanently.

Why Is A Retractable Enclosure Important?

Retractable Enclosure enhances the temperature inside and not only protect the pool from rain, UV rays, wind and snow.

One of the most important reasons for installing a retractable pool fence is for safety purposes. As most of the accidents occur where water has not been covered properly or the area has not been closed.<

Getting a retractable pool cover installed will also improve the aesthetic value of any commercial or residential project. Also, it turns the poolside into a beautiful place to relax in.
The enclosed area can also be used like an extension of a living area. One could use it to hold family parties, get-together with friends and also use it as an additional space for kids to play!
The addition of retractable enclosure will also increase the home value.

The Retractable Options

The usual retractable enclosures, that are joined to the structure are used either to cover the pools or use in the backyard for nice shade with retractable patio enclosures. But when it comes to aesthetic additions, these structures give one the ability to have an access to clear sky by sliding it back on the rooftop, with no steel beams in view from below. A perfect addition for hi- tech homes with the minimalist design concept. Moreover, one could even try out adding a semi or half circle shaped retractable enclosure to any existing space.

Free Standing Retractable

Free Standing Retractable Enclosure is used for an area that needs the architectural covering to stand on its own, without attaching to any structure or framework. It allows one to convert the patio, outdoor pool into an indoor luxury space within minutes, like any other retractable option.

Though these structures have a few basic models, they are manufactured and customized according to site requirements. This structure could not only be slid back to one end, but can also be parted from the middle. Moreover, it has extensive door and window options, that provide access and ventilation without opening the system.

Retractable Skylights

Retractable Skylights are flat, translucent panels in the ceiling that can be slid towards the edge, to open the space up to the sky. The advantage of choosing this over fixed awnings is the fact that they offer total protection, to the outdoor area. It is also available with removable sliding modular panels and is UV resistant too, and hence adds value to the home!

Are Enclosures Only For pools?

Though these retractable enclosures are typically used for pools and spa pools, these can also be used for other spaces such as sun room, resorts, restaurant, patio enclosures, or practically covering any other outdoor space for extended seasonal use.

The Benefits of Retractable Systems

It gives one the chance to open and close as one please, hence allows one to choose when to be covered and when to enjoy the open air!

It also allows to open and close the cover automatically, by just a simple touch of a button. And frees up floor space, when the enclosure is not in use.

Covering the outdoor space with these enclosures also help in keeping dust and other airborne particulate away, to a certain extend.

The retractable enclosures are basically made of aluminium and are highly wind resistant, UV resistant and never rusts, hence they don’t require painting and are long lasting.

The roof is usually not glass, but a stronger material which you can still see through. It is not glass because of the risk of things falling onto it and endangering people below. So it is very safe and easy to install, dismantle, and even relocate. Moreover, it is an economical option.

In short, it protects and allows to enjoy life inside and out, both in the pool and patio area during bad weather in any season.
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