Colors To Brighten Up Your Home!

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Refresh your home with colors! Discover how using of colors like the brightest hues can transform your decor, whether you are redoing an entire room or simply updating a wall color.
Here are eight decorative interior design color ideas to brighten up your home. Check out the tips, that will help you to use color like a pro.

1. Sunny Yellow

Nothing says summer like sunshine! Adding sunny yellow to any room in your interior will give it instant brightness and glow. Yellow can be dramatic, daring and surprisingly charming.
Mix and match lemon yellow, honey, banana and butternut color for a room flooded with summer colors.Good choices for accent colors are orange and green.
Also soft and subdued yellow is often used in baby's room and kitchen to create a calm, quiet place.

2. Lovely Pink

Be it the soft pink walls of a kids room or a hot pink for teenagers corner, incorporating pinks in to a room gives it a smooth feel.
Pink, the offspring of red and white, is so popular that it has become a major color option in home design.
And it is a fun color, especially if it’s blended with baby blue. When using these colors together, it’s a good idea to find a neutral base color such as white that will keep your design flowing and balanced!

3. Pretty Purple

Lilacs, peonies are the inspiration for this color combination. Soft and sweet, purple ranges from vibrant violet to pale lavender.These colors gives your room a cool and warm feel at the same time. For complementary colors try to blend yellow and pink.
Whether you blanket a whole room with the color or just use it as an accent, this mystical hue is bound to make a statement.

4. Sea Blue

Famous for the calming and peaceful effect, blue can have very different effects on a room depending on its temperature!
Adding sea blue to your room will instantly bring the feel of a beach house to your home. Consider using off white, it compliments well with blue.
Yet another way of playing with blue is, you can create a gentle backdrop for a collection of cool blue accessories and decorative elements. And adding a vase filled with orange roses adds a splash of contrasting color for visual interest!

5. Fresh Orange

Depending on the shades, orange can add an infinite of effects to any room. A vibrant, citrus hue can enliven a room, while a deeper shade of pumpkin can add a lovely warmth. Bright orange in a room makes you think of a fresh cut mangoes or a slice of juicy orange. Mixing different shades of tangerine and pumpkin in a room makes a big statement too.
And Adding a sunset's colors look best in the bedroom, where burnt oranges and warm yellows make this room warm and enveloping!

6. Gorgeous Green

Like the first sprouts of grass pushing up from the earth in spring, the color green can add a rejuvenating, welcoming note to a home’s interior. Make it minty, or go with a deep dark forest green either way, you will end up with a refreshing statement that reflects one of the natural colors.
Incorporate different shades of green in different fabrics to copy the variation found in nature.
Here the design shows the perfect example of "nature" inspired design. The green brings in the refreshing look, whereas the brown, tones it down.

7. Crisp White

White can be warm and embracing, crisp and clean, or change it's character according to the time of day or the time of year.
Off white in a room gives it a clean airy feeling of breeze flowing. On window treatments, it allows extra light to come through. No matter what color you decide to use, incorporating white into the theme will give it an extra pop.

8. Chilli Red

Red is the color of passion, but if you're too passionate about the color you may be seeing red in your home. Red can go everywhere from cheery and happy to angry and aggressive! When you have accents of red it draws attention to other things you might not even notice in the room.
Add fresh red colors such as tomato red for a bust of color in your room and blend it with white, off white, beige.
Image courtesy of IN7COLOR, EGSMRT, dehouss, Home Gallery, interior design 2014

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