5 Ways to Incorporate Glamorous Copper into your Bathroom


Copper is an attractive metal that can liven up every space. Over the last few years, interior designer and home owners have decided to take a bold move and use more copper for home decoration. Therefore, we have prepared five practical ways to embellish your bathroom with copper.

Mirror solutions

People who have never before used copper in the bathroom might prefer copper details to items entirely made of copper. If you also belong to this group, going for a mirror frame made of copper is a perfect solution for your taste. It will cast a new light on the area around the mirror – literally – and it might even convince you to give copper a more important place in your bathroom. Here you can have a look at some Pinterest ideas for bathroom mirror copper frames.

copper bathroom

Bathroom sink

It depends on your taste, but putting a copper sink into your bathroom could be too bold a move. Opposed to that, going for copper only inside the bathroom sink could be the right measure. Also, in combination with the nearby mirror, the inside copper area will visually open the entire mirror-sink space. When it comes to the financial side of such solutions, you should bear in mind that copper is a bit more expensive than ordinary ceramic bathroom items. If it is too cheap, then it might not be only copper, but a mixture of copper and mercury.

copper bathroom

Shiny backsplash

In addition to the copper inside of the sink or instead of it, you could go with a copper backsplash, too. In addition, enriching this area with a copper towel rail, to make the parts match. On the other hand, if this is too many copper for your taste, you could only replace a few tiles in the backsplash area with copper. That way there the sink area will be literally decorated with copper, instead of being dominated by it.

copper bathroom

Copper faucets

If you have already opted for the aforementioned copper towel rail, the copper sink inside and the backsplash, then you can skip this tip. But if you have not included all of the former three items into your bathroom design scheme, copper faucets are a great choice. They come in many different shapes, but this material is best with some retro faucets, since it really gives them a vintage look. Moreover, a copper faucet is also a great solution for the shower stall or the bathtub. However, bear in mind that its color might become dim and dark if placed in the shower stall.

copper bathroom

Reddish bathtub

Home owners who really want to give their bathroom both a unique and vintage image should install a copper bathtub in their bathroom. This solution will be even better if they go with a freestanding tub. Of course, such an option requires an abundant bathroom space, as well as customized installations. Putting a copper bathtub in an inadequate place will reduce its esthetic value of such an item. Also, this type of tub demands more sophisticated maintenance. For instance, if water stays in the tub for too long, the copper might change the color. To prevent such an outcome, contact blocked drains Sydney repair team and ensure a long-lasting life for your copper bathtub.

copper bathroom

Your bathroom will be a more attractive place if you give copper a chance. Once it gets into your bathroom, you will be enchanted by its beauty and it will become an inevitable material for various parts of your home.

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