Restaurant Enclosure


Our elegantly designed and brilliantly engineered corso model will allow you to open and close your enclsoure at anytime. Your patrons will marvel at the atmosphere it will create in any weather.

A roof top retractable enclosure can provide an open feeling, with a view of the sky during any weather.

Your guests will enjoy a beautiful view of the sky any time of year. The roof can be opened with a simple turn of the switch. Open and airy for the summer and festive romantic, for the winter. Our retractable enclosures can be designed to fit any application.

Our Corso design model fit this more modern style restaurant perfectly. We have many colors to choose from therefore we can design to any style restaurant you may have. You patrons will love the view.

Imagine your roof top being utilized as additional seating. Your guests would enjoy the view, rain or shine. Surprise your guests and open up the roof on a beautiful day!

A bar in NY with a retractable roof enclosure. Patrons will love the view.

Our retractable enclosures fit any style restaurant.

Extra Seating on the patio with a beautiful, retractable, enclosure. You can always look out into the garden in any weather.

All year round beautiful view from your outdoor seating areas. Add extra tables for more patrons.

Transform your restaurant patio into an all seasons area for your patrons. Easily slide open the entire enclosure on nice days for open air seating and close it during inclement weather.

One of our enclosures on the deck of a restaurant overlooking the shore. Easily slide it completely open to enjoy the summer breeze, or close it during inclement weather.

One of our beautiful retractable roofs over a restaurant patio. This owner added a great new space to enjoy there meal under the sun or moon. They can open it or close the roof to create the best dining experience.



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