Patio Enclosure


Our patio enclosures are easily retractable and will provide year long use of your patio space. We can add windows, screens and even a doggie door! We have beautiful colors available including a very classy wood tone.

This retractable patio enclosure can be installed on almost any patio or deck. It is easily opened and closed so that you can enjoy the open air when the weather is nice and when the weather is inclement, close it and still enjoy your garden view.

Not only can our retractable enclosures be used for your patio seating area, but the polycarbonate material will warm the space to make for a beautiful sun house. Your plants will thrive in the protected area which can be easily opened up to provide natural sunlight and oxygen.

This corso design retractable enclosure model with cobalt blue framing adds a beautiful fresh style to this patio.

The corso design model on a wood deck, smoked for privacy. Easily open or close your enclsoure depending on the weather plus, it is UV protected.

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