Exploring Luxurious Homes : Enchanting Exterior Architecture


Showcasing in this exterior concept is a regency architecture, a style that flourished until the 1830’s. One of its feature is the presence of an exquisite wrought iron balconies as illustrated here. The structure is built in high grade sandstone of whitish color for a pure, clean look with refined elegance and luxury sense brought about by decorative Greek columns, artistically molded cornices and curve-headed windows and door in extremely fine ironwork. It is a scenic wonder not just for the family who dwells in it but definitely every passersby will be in awe as they gaze in the majestic house nestled in a mesmerizing landscape and enchanting nature backdrop. The natural element as the lush plants, shrubs and charming flowers that gently touching the structure and filling the vast space breathes life into the concept, creating a spirited and lively atmosphere that invigorates the water fountain to dance into its soothing, peaceful rhythms. It is amazingly intensified through dramatic interior silhouette and adorable outdoor lighting in a whimsical night sky, a picturesque of tranquil and romantic oasis. This beautiful, timeless architecture is designed for a private Villa in Qatar. Interior Design by IONS DESIGN

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