Cozy Contemporary Living Room


Design for comfort and relaxation, this contemporary living room concept for a private villa in Dubai is creatively layout in symmetrical manner to form a unified space, a remarkable characteristic of this interior. It serves as an everyday reminder of how essential unity and togetherness is to every family. It has a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere brought about by the natural light glow that comes from a wide open, ceiling-high window adorned with graceful silk curtain complemented by a stunning chandelier in Swarovski crystals and plain fabric cup. The relaxing neutral color from the sleek ceiling to elegant oak wooden walls with trim molding to polished Crema Marfil flooring and high end custom-made silk rug places the admirable minimalist abstract oil painting and marble shelving with concealed lights along with its valued sculptures into the spotlight. The sufficient stylish sofa and lounge chairs upholstered in luxurious soft color fabrics with matching gorgeous cushions seems to be inviting, appealing to get away from the outside world’s hassle and bustle and be in this sanctuary, get cozy along with the family members, catch up with loved ones and engage into pleasant heart-warming conversation over a sweet aroma of coffee or relaxing tea. Interior Design by IONS DESIGN| | Tel.: +971 4 4542675 | Dubai, UAE

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