Amazing Luxury Indoor Pool


Adjacent to the dining room is an area transformed into divine oasis of comfort and refreshment. The space showcase a luxury indoor swimming pool in glass mosaic where family and friends can enjoy and relax privately, at any weather or season. Surrounded by rows of lofty windows furnished in fine drapes, accompanied with high-rise skylight ceiling permits natural light to fill the interior, creating a radiant and welcoming ambiance. It is enclosed in glass panels of latest advancement which enable to control the environment within. Moreover, the open layout makes the room seem to be vast than its actual size and grants someone to take pleasure of the panoramic view during day time and mesmerize by starry sky at night time. The stunning architecture features decorative gypsum ceiling and wall moldings with intricate patterns in magnificent white color blended in perfect harmony with the Slate Stone flooring. This elegant and functional indoor pool is designed for a private villa in Qatar. Interior Design by IONS DESIGN | | Tel.: +971 4 4542675 | Dubai, UAE

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