Which is better – Steam Mopping or Traditional Mops?

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Steam cleaning machines are increasingly common and popular and we see more and more of them on the market – but why? Well, here is a comparison between steam cleaning and the new kid on the block.

Traditional Mopping

Everyone knows that the traditional moping process involves some detergent, a trusty mop and a bucket full of hot water. There are a number of different shapes and sizes available when it comes to traditional mops. You can get a wide variety of types including sponge type mops, flat mops, dust, rope and various other types for keeping your hard floors clean.

Earlier, you needed a bucket with a separate section for wringing out excess water from the mop to ensure that the floor isn’t socked wet due to excess water from the mop. However, those days are long gone and the traditional mops available these days on the market have their own system for this process and that saves quite a bit of time while cleaning. In addition, these mops also help with the drying time.

There are a number of reasons many any people like to wash their floors. For some of them, there is nothing better than the fresh smell of a clean floor. On the other hand, some people also like to wash their floors as they like the idea of getting a workout while cleaning the floor. Here is a good selection of the best mops.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning was developed to speed up the overall time spent on household chores and it has been used for quite some time now. As far as steam cleaning is concerned, one does not need to repeatedly get a bucket and let it fill completely with water and then lug it around the home for cleaning.

While steam cleaning has been popular, many people still are not aware of the fact that it also helps in getting rid of unwanted bacteria that can't be seen by the naked eye. Due to the hot temperature of steam, many steam mop models that are reviewed on my website are capable of killing 99.9% of bacteria that may be responsible for a variety of diseases.

Steam cleaning is not just cost effective but also safer and eco-friendly. This is due to the reason that most of the steam mop models don't require any detergent.

Some of us are allergic to certain ingredients in the general household detergents. I know this because I have suffered the dishpan hands for many years. In addition, these detergents may also get left behind on the floor while cleaning and that can be a potential hazard for pets and children in the house. Also, I know that these cleaning products costs a lot of money and these small amounts add up over the years. For an idea of the best steam mop Steam Mop Guys offer some great reviews.

Here is a quick comparison in table format for you

Steam cleaning helps in getting rid of harmful bacteria that can't be killed with traditional mopping
Steam cleaning results in far quicker drying time as there is almost no water left behind.
Steam cleaning doesn't require expensive and potentially harmful detergents.
Only one tool is needed for steam cleaning your floors.
Some of the steam cleaner models available in the market also give you the option to clean various other places in addition to the floors. For instance, tiles or countertops can also be cleaned by steam cleaners without needing any other tools, though a change of extensions may be needed.
Steam cleaning can also help in getting rid of hard to remove stains as well as ground in dirt without the need to scrub.
Steam cleaning is safe or children and pets as it is eco-friendly.

Traditional Mopping While traditional mops are cheaper as compared to steam cleaners, it is important to keep in mind that you will also need additional scrubbing brushes, detergent as well as a bucket for proper cleaning. Steam cleaners can't give you that smell of freshly washed floor and if that is what you desire, standard mops are the answer. If cleaning your floor is your idea of getting a good workout, you should stick with traditional mopping.
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