Adorable Luxury Fireplace Lounge


This lovely lounge is designed for a private villa in Qatar. It is layout symmetrically with the neoclassical fireplace as the focal point, an epitome of calmness and serenity. The large window furnish with translucent drape allows substantial natural light to fill the space adding freshness and tranquility to the interior. An over-sized arch window opposite a stunning glass chamfered divider and a remarkable high ceiling makes the room looks bigger and welcoming. There is sense of luxury and elegance brought about by the invigorating white color gypsum decorated walls, intricate cornices and antique paint finished ceiling embellished with exquisite Swarovski made chandelier. It is gracefully adorned with gorgeous sofa in Waltz White fabric, adorable tables and fine rug. Indeed a suitable place for the family and guest to get warmth, and comfy. Interior Design by IONS DESIGN | | Tel.: +971 4 4542675 | Dubai, UAE

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