Pool & Spa Enclosures


Our retractable pool enclosure Laguna model. You can easily open it when the weather is nice and close it during inclement weather. Our enclosure is UV protected and will warm your pool with it's greenhouse effect. You will swim well into the fall and even in winter if you heat your pool as it will retain the warmth. Swim all year round.

Imagine what your friends and family will say when your entertainment area is transformed into an all season area, including your pool! This low design retractable model allows you to cover, or uncover, your pool with out obstructing any view!

Imagine swimming in your pool on a fall day, warm, no bugs, with a perfect view. Learn about our retractable pool, spa and patio enclosures and you will never have to close your pool.

Trending as a sophisticated look, this retractable pool enclosure does not overpower this yard. Choose from our low, medium or high design models. We can fit to any type yard.

Imagine that you can entertain and swim all under cover, even when it rains. This high Oceanic design model can be easily retracted at any time. Our enclosures are made of high quality polycarbonate that is UV protected and will keep the dirt and debris out of your watr. It will also retain the heat, so swimming in the Fall is not a problem.

Our Grand Sunhouse enclosure is designed for spa, hot tub, or to just create an extra seating area. The retractable enclosure will allow you to enjoy your spa all year long. You can even have it tinted for privacy!

Elegant designs can cover your lap pool and spa all together.

This Laguna design model is photographed during the snow covered winter season. Wouldn't it be nice to go for a snow covered swim?

With a completely transparent design model will stand up to almost any amount of snow or wind. And, it is UV protected, so no harmful rays from the sun.

Our sleek style model can be designed as a lean type enclosure.

Open and close your enclosure to allow as muck or as little of the outside elements in.

Here is stunning retractable enclosure over a swim spa. Imagine enjoying your spa well into the fall, and if heated, the winter months.

Our Ravena model provides a stylish design with the room to entertain inside and extend your swim season well into fall. No worries if it rains, your guests will remain dry..unless of course they want to swim. :)

look at the versatility of our olympic model. Entertain and enjoy your pool in any weather.

Our tropea model. Imagine swimming in the evening with no insects to bother you. Even a midnight swim in the rain is possible with our enclosures.

Our low model enclosures allow you to cover your pool and still not obstruct your beautiful view.

Here is one of our enclosures with a smoked finish. This will bring additional privacy. Swim anytime of day..anytime of year!

Imagine never having to step outside to go swimming. Rain or Wind, even snow, and you will be swimming.

Our Tropea model at night

Simply slide your enclosure open on beautiful days and slide it closed on a rainy or cold day. Our enclosures are so versatile and can be customized to meet most any need.

Our sunhouse can cover your hot tub and give you entertainment space. These are also retractable in many different ways.

Porch and pool can be covered with this model that is connected to the roof. You will maintain your view, swim and entertain all year long.
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