Create your Backyard Escape


If you are craving for a place of peace and tranquility where you can unwind after a long day at work, there is no need to look any further. You can have all of that right in your backyard. All you will have to do is make a couple of adjustments in it and you will have your perfect escape place. Here are a few backyard projects you might find interesting.

Add Greenery

If you want to escape from the urban lifestyle and technology, you will need much green in your backyard. This will help you create an isolated hideaway full of green shades and eye-pleasing tones. When you are choosing your greenery, make sure you opt for something that will not require a lot of maintenance. The whole point of having a backyard haven is to reduce stress not add to it. You should also think about choosing plants which can survive all seasons, so you would have your escape zone available to you during the whole year. Some of the plants you might want to consider are cherry trees, Japanese maples and cedar trees.

Create your Backyard Escape

Set up a Hammock

When it comes to relaxing in your backyard, a comfortable hammock is one of the things you simply must have. But before you get yourself a hammock, you will have to the right place for it. Of course, you will have to measure the length between the two objects you will hang your hammock on as well as the length of the hammock itself. You should also make sure that the hammock does not touch the ground once you lie on it. Angle of 30 degrees is considered to be just right for the hammocks. Once you install it, you should try it out and then tighten or loosen it, depending on how does it feel.

Install a Shade Sail

Another great thing you can add to your backyard when creating a perfect escape place is a shade sail. Not only will it completely protect you from the sun, but it will also make your backyard look even better. Think about the way you want your new shade to be flown. You can have it flown horizontally, vertically or in a way some corners are high and some low. You should also make sure you know the exact size of the place you want to put your new shade sail at. It is important that you take into account sun direction as well wind speed and its direction. If you need someone to help you with shade sail installation, there are professionals you can always turn to.

Create your Backyard Escape

Use Water Features

We all know that the sound of water has a calming effect. And this is just the thing you want in your new escape zone. Fountains and small fish ponds have been used in backyards and gardens for centuries. Not only do these look and sound nicely, but such water features will make the air in your backyard more refreshing. If you are ready to invest more, you can always install a swimming pool or a Jacuzzi in order to transform your backyard into a relaxing oasis. In case you decide to do this, make sure you first measure the whole backyard and that you are absolutely sure that a swimming pool will fit in it completely.

Once you finish redecorating your backyard, you will finally have a place where you can escape from all the outside world and enjoy some moments alone. You should also make sure you always keep searching for some new projects for your backyard.


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