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Wallpaper is something that the designers love the most,if used in small doses at the right places it can create a great impact on the overall design.From elegant living to cozy bedroom,there are wallpaper available that suits any style and any room.These are available in various patterns,textures and quality.Even 3D Wall Board or 3d wallpapers are available these days.A whole concept can be originated based on the color of wallpapers.Here are few tips on what kind of wallpaper will suit your space.Check it out!
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1.Accent wallpaper - Here the colors can be bold or vivid and are used to bring rhythm to the interiors.These warm colored wallpapers are best for large spaces and used mainly in living and dining areas.Adding artistic diwan,sofa with throw pillow,rugs,lamp shade,art frames gives the space a rich look.
2.Stripped wallpaper - These wallpapers add dynamic to any room and can change its visual proportion.Horizontal stripes gives the room a wider appearance and vertical stripes makes the room look taller.
3.Light color patterned wallpaper - (Beige,off-white,creme)These wallpapers works as wonders in smaller spaces.Instead of leaving the wall blank,get this fixed!Add few wall frames with down lights to create a focal point.
4.Mixed pattern design - These kind of wallpapers can be used in both small and larger spaces as its the combination of both light and dark shade.
5.Kids room wallpaper - Vibrant, cheerful,bright wallpapers are available.The easiest and quickest way to change the bedroom from boring to beautiful!
6. 3d wallpaper - These kind of wallpapers will bring life to any interior space.

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