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What is Siding?

An envelope for the exterior walls of a house or any building to both dresses up and protect is termed as the siding. The purpose behind the addition of the same is to protect the walls from the effects of rain, hail, ice or snowy weather, insulate, shed water by acting as the first barrier. And the second but, one of the key factor of these house siding is its involvement in amending the aesthetic view of the exterior structure.

Homeowners planning to get the exterior siding for the first time or the re-siding of the house done can opt to get it done during the spring or the fall months, as it is then considered as the best time, since in the winter, siding installation gets difficult as wood has a tendency to expand and contract. The fun part of the home siding addition is that, it upgrades the home’s appearance dramatically. Though on the flip side, it's not a facile decision to make, as there are lots of siding options, and it is vital to know which siding is best for the environment and know about the maintenance and environmental responsibility involved.

Here's what you need to know about the siding for house.

The Role Of The Siding

Other than protecting the home exterior and enhancing the exterior view, it also provides one with energy-efficient home. Though roofing, windows, doors are all possible sources of energy leakage, but many fail to understand that siding is just as important when it comes to energy efficiency and maintaining the proper temperature in the home.

Hence, if one doesn’t find the home comfortable, it is more likely that there is an energy efficiency problem with the home. Therefore, insulate the home with energy-efficient siding to decrease both the cooling and heating costs, as the home will be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. But make sure to opt for sidings with advanced insulation properties as it will reduce the moisture behind the siding and hence eliminate the mold and mildew buildup, which would directly make the air inside the home, cleaner and healthier to breath. Moreover, the outside noise also gets significantly reduced.

The House Siding Options

Vinyl Siding:

The most common type of siding is the vinyl siding. It is available in various colors and is one of the most durable types available. Moreover, it is lightweight, scratch resistant, doesn’t require repainting, low cost when compared to other materials, can be installed directly over existing materials with ease and is extremely easy to care and maintain. Homeowners just require giving a power wash or hosing off as needed to keep it looking brand new. In recent times, vinyl siding manufacturers also apply various techniques to create products to mimic wood-grain and even stone for more dramatic look.

Wooden Siding:

It is easy to install and available in several patterns and widths, but one must make sure to overlap each pieces correctly during installation. These wooden sidings can also be painted, though most homeowners prefer to leave it all natural for the rustic look. But one disadvantage is that, these wooden sidings can rot and damage quite easily hence, requires a lot more maintenance which can be quite expensive.

Aluminum Siding:

The cheapest of all the sidings is the aluminum siding. Though it is considered as least attractive it is being used in creative ways on newer homes for aesthetic purpose as it can look like a completely different material when painted.

It is easy to install, a lightweight material and can dent as well as get scratched easily and needs to be replaced over time.

Brick Siding:

Brick siding is also easy to install has the soundproof factor and preferred over other materials as it could withstand harsh weather conditions and temperature changes. It will add value to the home by providing a great aesthetical surface but its main disadvantage is that it could be really difficult to repair when damaged.

Cement Siding:

These sidings are durable and can also be painted to match any home exterior. It is comparatively more expensive and additionally, due to its handling challenges, the installation charges are much higher. Also these are considered as the most environmental friendly siding option. When it comes to replacing or new additions of any of these sidings you need to take advice from a siding professionals locally or nationwide. We are an expert siding company in Plymouth, Michigan and available for any advice related to your next siding project.

Stucco Siding:

These sidings are the best of the Spanish or Mediterranean style homes and are gaining popularity especially due to its unique appeal. It is directly applied over the concrete, brick, wood or gypsum. But it needs to be maintained by painting, to remove the mold and mildew that would appear over time.
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