Accommodating Guests in Small Apartment - Make The Guest Room Look Cozy Yet Large


Making a small apartment or home feel welcoming and cozy without seeming cluttered and overwhelming for a guest can be quite a challenge. For a number of apartment owners and others in smaller-than-average homes, they don’t have the luxury of individual rooms for every piece of furniture they own, it becomes even more challenging when you have to accommodate guests for few days This calls for a bit of creativity. Implementing furniture that are lightweight and serve multiple purposes is a great way to get started. Some other suggestions for helping create a homey feel even in small spaces can be found here.

Go Vertical With Murphy Bed

While you may think that the only space that is available is what you see at eye level, this is simply not the case. In fact, if you aren’t looking up, then you are missing out on quite a bit of valuable real estate. By addition of Murphy Bed you get that storage and shelves have a small footprint, but when they are tall, they can not only help make room for your stuff, but also create the impression of a larger room.

Another second bed option, is to buy a quality air mattress, as it's very handy and almost like being able to carry around when required.

Convert Attic Into a Guest Room

If you have an attic or loft in your apartment, it is a perfect getaway and ideal for guests. You can make it seem grand with lighting, and addition of mirrors on the walls or tucked in the corner. This can create reflections making the space appear larger than it actually is.

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Color

Yes, it is true that white can help a room appear larger, but so will glossy, dark brown paint when it is paired with the right color of furnishings. Add color in unique ways to help create depth in the space, such as behind book shelves or in other insets in the space. Thanks to modern design techniques, furniture is now able to be used for a number of different purposes. Some of such furniture can be bought from Calgary Furniture stores. For example, an old style trunk in the living room can be used for storage of blankets or cushions, as well as a coffee table. Furniture can be designed for sitting and storage. This is when a creative mind will definitely come in handy.

As you can see there are a number of creative ways to make a small space not only functional, but livable and comfortable. Taking the time to implement a few of the design tips here will take any space – regardless of how small it may seem – and make it useful and aesthetically appealing.

Opt For Multi Use Furniture

Try opting for a futon or a daybed instead of a sofa as the ''second bed'' would be a good idea as well! Since, it is always available, whenever needed. But make sure to add the living with some guest room touch, by adding a few things that can make a bedroom cozy such as a lamp next to the sleeping zone, a few extra pillows, a place to plug in cell phones and so on.

Separate Your Space

When your space is minimal, you may believe that creating separation is impossible However, with a divider, such as a sheet or screen, you can make different ‘rooms,’ even in a small space. For example, put a divider at the base of your bed to create a separate bedroom and living area. This can work for any type of individual space you want to create.
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