Swimming Pool and Spa Enclosures - Attractive & Functional Benefits of Pool Enclosures


When it comes to designing an outdoor space, most of the homeowners wish to get a swimming pool installed, as the swimming pools exhibits luxury and could instantly uplift the home’s aura. Hence, it is vital to pay attention on each and every accepts of it. For instance from the ways to maintain the swimming pool to the decoration ideas and so on, to give the overall outdoor a magnificent look!

As spring is most definitely that exciting time of the year for all those, who love spending time outdoors, beside the poolside to unwind themselves, but did you know about turning the outdoors as comfortable as indoors, even during a sudden weather change? Hence, it is equally important to know about the pool enclosures and its benefits to enjoy the outdoor both when the weather is nice as when it isn't.

Benefits Of Retractable Pool Enclosures

Before getting the enclosure installed, it is vital to know the advantages and the availability of the same in budget set by the homeowners. The purpose behind the same is to bring both the aesthetic value and comfort together to convert the pool opening a refreshing one with cocktails! Hence, you don't need to open or close the swimming pool each season.

By installing the pool enclosures for the swimming pool, one could use the pool even during hot summer days without worrying about the direct heat and also use it during winter days as well. Additionally, adding a pool enclosure will reduce the amount of exposure to phosphates, pollutants, which could lead to less use of chemicals in water, which can cause irritation. And one could even opt for the privacy panels, instead of the usual transparent ones.

Pool enclosure can save energy bill as they are very effective in trapping the heat of the sun and one could enjoy warm evening swims without using a heater as well as avoid the evaporation of water in summer. Moreover these enclosures helps in keeping the pool clean, as it avoid the pool from getting dirty from leaves, insects. And provides one with an all time neat and clean look.

Another benefit of installing the swimming enclosures is that it provides maximum safety by preventing entry of wild animals and avoid any unnecessary accidents and eliminate the worry for children and pets.

You could turn the outdoor into a more interesting one, by adding an outdoor kitchen, bar, under the screened area and enjoy it all evening with friends and family, with no bugs or mosquitos!

Pool Screen Enclosures Materials

Pool enclosures are basically made from glass or other transparent materials and installed in aluminum frame that are designed to withstand wind, rain, and snow. These glasses are used on the sides of the enclosure and on the doors as well. Even the ceiling feature glass, but lighter, shatterproof material such as polycarbonate is recommended. Since, these are safer options, as they do not shatter and also do not crack under load from snow.

Various Pool Enclosures - Screen Rooms

Gable pool enclosure style: These have large peaked roof Dome pool enclosure style: They are built to have a arching slope roof with minimal angular roof pieces. Mansard pool enclosure style:They are flat in the middle and angled on all sides

Try out any of these styles that blend in well along with the home exterior design for an alluring look. :

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