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An unfortunate fact is that more homes are broken into when the weather warms up or people go away during vacation. In fact, during the summer vacation, more burglaries occur than during any other season. Families tend to leave their blinds open and their windows and doors unlocked in order to enjoy the nice warm breezes of summer. In addition, many homes are left vacant when people go on vacation. Everyone knows that they need to use bug spray, have their skin covered with sunscreen, and that they should drink plenty of water. However, when the weather warms up, there are other helpful home security tips that will keep you safe, as well.

Arm Your Home Security System

1. When you are not at home, your security system should be armed. This might seem obvious, but a significant number of people with alarm systems forget to regularly arm them. An armed system panel lets you know if you left any windows or doors open, in addition to preventing break-ins by scaring off potential burglars. Simply arming the system can protect your home from potential break-in by intruders.

Create a Secure Outdoor Environment

2. Only using a sign in your yard that your home is equipped with an alarm system is not an effective deterrent. Lets face it, alarm systems are basically deterrents to break-ins. Most burglars are never caught. Instead, the alarm system scares them away. However, having a security system that scares burglars away means that your security system is actually preventing your home from being burglarized. Burglars know that most homes have a sign in their yard, even though many don't have the security system in place. Most burglars check for windows or doors that are unlocked by going door to door. They only run away when they hear the beep of a security system. However, if you are strict about arming your alarm system each time that you go away from your home, you never have to worry about unlocked windows or doors when your security system is actively monitoring your residence.

Smart Security Thermostat and Camera

3. Hook up a smart thermostat to your security system. These thermostats are must-haves for the summer. You can have it set to turn on when you are headed back home after a weekend getaway so that your home will be cool once you arrive. By setting a schedule to save on energy, you will also save on your heating and cooling costs. These thermostats are quite affordable and can be completely controlled by an app on your smart phone.
Similarly security cameras can be installed easily at the entrance, balcony, backyards to protect your entrances from the intruders and keep you sense of safelty while you are away on vacation!

Hush-Hush Your Vacation Plan

4. According to unoccupied property specialists Property to insure it’s best you don't announce your vacation plans to the world. To make sure that no one is home, some burglars pay close attention to the homes and the people who live in them. Be careful about what you say in your social media posts. These posts can be accessed by people who should not see them, and your home's location can be determined. In addition, use a smart phone app to turn the lights in your home on and off by arranging to have them hooked up with your system for security as well. This way, it will fool the burglars into thinking that someone is at home.

Secure Your Entry Key

5. Avoid hiding a key on the outside of your home. You might think that your hiding spot is very clever. However, the chances are good that someone will be able to figure it out. Burglars are skilled at getting into homes and you shouldn't just leave them a key. You can let family members, pet sitters, and house cleaners into your home by adding on a smart door lock to your security system. Then you can make sure that the security system is set and the door is locked once they leave by just looking at your phone.

Hope you have great vacation and safe home, Bon Voyage!!

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