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Dreamt of constructing a home that is quite different from the usual modern homes, something that portrays untouched wild-wild woods? Then the Rustic interior design is definitely your style! Exposed wooden beams, wooden rustic looking walls or wooden plank floor, rustic theme provides one with natural warmth, organic textures and shapes. It has become popular among those who love to exhibit their vigorous connection to the past, which is hard to resist.

Homeowners are increasingly opting for the classic, rustic touches in the kitchen design too! Since, it blends comfort and high style environment within the home that is both inviting and unique at the same time.

For the transformation of kitchens from a dull, boring to an alluring one, five basic rustic home decor principles are mentioned by kitchen designers, to improve the kitchen look, for homeowners to get inspired from.

Picture this rustic kitchen Murrieta-california modern rustic kitchen design with long rectangle rustic dining table with overhung metal candle-holder centerpiece rustic chair metal chandelier white wooden staircase beige stained wall.

Add Simple Traditional Wooden or Ceramic Flooring

Both red ceramic, quarry tiles and wood-look tiles in dark brown, honey brown or dark gray glaze can make a great addition to rustic kitchen decor. The colors bring an additional warm feel to the home and make the floor look like it has a rough texture. It's all about the final look that you desire.

Red quarry tiles change the look of the kitchen, but the wood-look tiles help you maintain a more rustic and traditional look. Thanks to how popular the rustic style is becoming, it is fairly easy to find rustic tiles. Tile Choice, Home Depot and many popular stores carry a wide range of tiles and hardwood for flooring to suit your particular tastes.

As seen in this picture of nice rustic kitchen designed with white cabinets contrasting with dark bamboo flooring and bamboo kitchen island table .

Create a Holistic Rustic Look By Warm Colors

The colors in rustic themed design are subdued and hence the color palette consists of nature’s pastel colors. Colors like that of wood, grabbed from the tree bark, soil and stone. Hence, ceramic tiles and wood fittings are the key components that the rustic color palette is based on. For this style, you may also keep your walls white and opt for rustic furniture instead, or cover the walls in a natural material like wood or stone.

Burnt orange shade, that of the brick and green is part of the nature's paint box too, but these shades are used only if the homeowners prefer to add a dash of color to their rustic homes. You may also use yellows, browns, and oranges either in abundance and highlight those using pale blues and greens. If you choose to skip tiling and opt for painted walls instead, you will want to stick with this warmer palette. In addition, use it for the accessories like dishes, wall decor or large appliances in the kitchen.

This kitchen has astonishing travertine flooring and brick wall ideal for creating rustic dark look.

The Look Of Exposed Wood

This is perhaps the most consequential feature of the modern rustic home decor. This style basically brings the nature inside your home. If you have an old home, preserve the architectural detail, with the monumental feel of stonewall, exposed wooden beams and added log featured furniture. The origins of the rustic decor are found in cottage homes and traditional farmhouses that feature exposed wood within the room. With the help of a professional, you can actually add wooden beams in your room as a purely ornamental device. It will be the an outstanding feature that would be most authentic and original, in your newly remodeled kitchen and it does not have to cost you a fortune!

Complete the look by incorporating unfinished wood with tarnished metals and faded glasses. The basic purpose is to exhibit a feel of the past instead of a feeling of shiny newness.

This is classic rustic furnished Houston style kitchen applied to old styled kitchen interior design with wooden bar stools, exposed beams, and unfinished cabinets.

Rustic Style or Antique Lighting

With the availability of variety of lighting fixtures, opt for fixtures that display nature in any form. As it can abolish a rustic look if lighting fixtures installed are modern looking. It can hammer down the theme you are trying to achieve.

Therefore, choose lighting fixtures to complement the rustic theme. For instance, install light fixtures resembling any animal or tree branches. Go for natural wood elements and select lighting that are simple in design. You may also add a rustic chandelier in wood, wrought iron in the kitchen and team it up with nature inspired home decor accents for a distinctive style.

Rustic lighting can be as simple as engendering a candleholder out of a deer’s antlers or adding a wood trim to a lamp. Use a trimmed wood bark piece as a base of the table lamp, as this will give your lamp a more rustic feel and help transform the look of your lighting instantly. These rustic lighting ideas along with wooden wall, effectively lights up the room while fitting in perfectly with the kitchen's rustic decor style.

Classic Rustic Furnishings

This is where you get a chance to flex your interior design muscles. Look for rustic style log furnishings and use materials for instance like sticks, twigs, logs, peeled bark, to create decorative enhancements for a natural look.

Your search should include chairs, rugs, rustic wall decor and other small items as well as large appliances such as traditional stoves and ovens. Rustic theme can sometimes refer to furniture exhibiting a lack of craftsmanship involved, mostly untreated furniture pieces. A simple yet sturdy design, furniture like farm tables work well as a room's perfect centerpiece.

You may also use hand woven fabrics in cotton and wool that can take a little wear and tear. Moreover, it's easy to create a cozy feel when you select rugs adhering to a more classic color scheme. In addition, they provide practical function to the room. Your kitchen will feel more authentic when you choose wood burning stoves, AGAs, and other traditional appliances such as walnut chopping board in the kitchen.

So the conclusion is, the key to a perfect rustic home furnishing is to transform old objects and use it a new and creative way.
Image courtesy freshome Raflapp home design

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