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Mosaic tiles also termed as tesserae basically refer to an artwork or design that is formed from the assembling of multiple smaller pieces of material like terracotta, stone, glass, ceramic, porcelain and so on. These tiny pieces avails in creating elaborate designs or patterns that can be used in kitchen mosaic backsplash or mosaic bathroom tiles. I have found these inspirational mosaic tiles ideas for your home interiors.

Types of Mosaic Tiles

There are different kinds of mosaic tiles available in the stores. What makes these mosaics unique or different when compared to other tiles is that, these mosaic tiles bring designer look to any kitchen backsplash or bathroom tiles and allows you to experiment with many ways to design and repurpose your spaces. Mosaic tiles are available in multiple colors, styles and variety of shapes.

I have listed some pros and cons of the popular of mosaic tiles here.You may take a informed decision before making a selection for your next project.

Ceramic Mosaic Tiles

The ceramic mosaic tile resembles a stone tile.
Available in both glazed or unglazed finish.
They are the weakest of mosaic materials and should be limited to decorative uses only.

Glass Mosaic Tiles

Glass mosaic tiles integrates visual effects.
It's stain resistant.
Has a luminous caliber, therefore, can make the room appear more spacious and bright.
Easy to clean and maintain.
Glass mosaic can get scratches facilely and should not be used where it is likely to be prone to damage. As once it gets damaged, it needs to be replaced as it is difficult to fix.
Glass mosaic tiles are considerably expensive than stone or ceramic mosaics
Skilled installation and careful handling required.

Natural Mosaic Tile

The beauty of each tile here is attained by natural stones itself. For instance, from materials like marble, basalt, granite and so on.

Bathroom Decor Ideas With Mosaic Tiles

The mosaic bathroom tiles can be installed on half wall or on the full wall to engender a focal point in the bathroom, to convert a dull corner into an attractive one. The mirror or vanity area in the bathroom can be given a attractive and bright look with these mosaic tiles by creating border or frame in geometric designs form or pattern. One could just opt to add mosaic backsplash tiles only above the countertop or in the whole bathroom.

Similarly covering the bathroom vanity counter, bathroom wall or the shower area with mosaic tiles could just work as wonders. All one need to do is play with the right choice of color matched with bathroom fixtures to set up a stylish spa like retreat in your own home!

Whatever your design, styles pattern or selection may be these mosaic tiles create a zen like environment in your bathroom or kitchen.

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