DIY Mosaic Tiles Stickers

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Check out high-quality mosaic tiles decals. These peel and stick tiles come in a variety of colors and you can do all the work yourself. Forget about a handyman or contractor. All you need is a pair of scissors and your own creativity to create a beautiful backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom.

To choose from any one of the 14 assorted tile colors Follow this link

Available colors: Mocha, Balmoral, Blue Sand, Chocolate Truffle, Coffee Crème, Marble Greys, Oceana, Pampass, Purple Sorbet, Ritz, Riviera Sunset, Savanah, Slate Greys and Strawberry Crush.

DIY Peel-and-Stick Mosaic Tiles

As you can imagine, the convenience and simplicity of these peel-and-stick mosaic tiles are like no other and are the best price and highest quality of their kind on the market. They use the latest and most innovative ink technology for the design, color and pattern details.

You can customize each tile to fit the needs of the space with a simple pair of household scissors. Creativity is in your hands- literally. Cover an entire wall or come up with a unique and one of a kind pattern. The tiles can be trimmed to fit around light sockets and corners and are 100% waterproof. Heat resistant and easy to clean, these tiles will last. Each tile is 15 x 0.1 x 15 cm and made of an extremely durable, plastic material.

The great majority of people have been extremely pleased with these tiles as is noted in a variety of Amazon reviews. Time and time again customers have so many positive things to share about the ease, convenience, cost and timeliness of the company shipping them these products, making it clear that these are the best tiles to choose to re-vamp that room in your home. Customers have raved about how it has completely changed the look of a room, brightened up an entire space and how friends have been dazzled by the new looks they created.

Tile Decals Before And After

Not only is the quality amazing, but the money you will save not having to hire a contractor speaks for itself. You can stick these tiles to metal, plastic, wood and even glass walls! The possibilities for design and placement are truly endless.

No matter which color palate you choose, no matter what imaginative and creative design you put on the walls of your home, one thing is guaranteed- quality, reliability, durability and convenience. When in doubt, do it yourself! It won’t be just your checkbook thanking you. As a matter of fact, you’ll be sure to thank yourself for the amazing look you put into that space that needed renovating.

To choose from any one of the 14 assorted tile colors Follow this link


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