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The 432 S. Citrus was completed by Prime Five Homes in December 2014. 432 S. Citrus, both stunning and one-of-a-kind, is the first in these neighborhoods to incorporate sustainable materials, solar panels and water capture systems. The indoor-outdoor, open-concept layout of this 4,113 sqft home, along with the perfectly designed two story windows offer an outpouring of natural light; enough to never need to turn on a lamp during the day.

Long Lasting Cost Saving Features

432 S. Citrus’ sustainable features include large windows that allow natural light to fill the large, open spaces, inevitably reducing energy consumption. The company went above and beyond with Citrus to create a custom water capture system, which is not standard in any home.

Utilizing The Nature In Its Best Form

Ever mindful of the drought, the water capture system and drought-resistant plants lessen the home’s water intake. A staple in all Prime Five Homes, including 432 S. Citrus, is a solar energy system that also reduces the amount of energy required to power this highly, energy efficient home.

Preservation While Remodeling

At the Citrus property, the team salvaged as much of the previous home as possible during demolition by recycling windows, doors, fixtures, wood, tile and metal in order to conserve valuable materials.

One beautiful example of the recycled material used at 432 S. Citrus is the refurbished wood featured in the ceiling of the top balcony. Not only is this a beautiful, eye-catching design element, but it’s also eco-friendly and demonstrates the beauty in refurbished wood.

By utilizing techniques that reduce building materials, such as floating staircases, the Prime Five Homes' team was also able to add beauty while increasing the eco-friendliness of the home.

Sold for over $2.1 million in 2014. Over 4,200 sq. ft. Located in West Hollywood.

* 5 bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms
* Seamless indoor-outdoor California living
* Floor-to-ceiling windows with abundant natural light throughout
* Eco friendly and energy efficient features: solar panels, water capture system, drought-resistant landscaping

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